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Advocates and Ambassadors

White Ribbon Advocates

White Ribbon Advocates are men and women who give expression to the White Ribbon Campaign in their community.

Anyone committed to preventing men’s violence against women can become a White Ribbon Advocate, and White Ribbon encourages all Australians to get involved.

If you are passionate about preventing men’s violence against women and want to join a network of people who are also wanting to make a difference, register to become a White Ribbon Advocate today.

Click on the Advocates box below for more information and to register to become an Advocate.

White Ribbon Ambassadors

White Ribbon Ambassadors are men who recognise the importance of men taking responsibility and playing a leadership role in preventing men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon Ambassadors are formal representatives of White Ribbon Australia who have the knowledge, skills, attributes and determination to influence Australian men to critically evaluate their attitudes and behaviours toward women.

If you already have a history of working to prevent men’s violence against women in your community and are committed to influencing the attitudes and behaviours of Australian men, apply to become a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Click on the Ambassadors box below for more information and to apply to become an Ambassador.

How does White Ribbon support its Advocates/Ambassadors?

White Ribbon Australia maintains Volunteer insurance to protect all of our volunteers in case of accidents.  All volunteers must acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of this policy.

Click here to download The Policy Disclosure Statement.


Please note:

Ambassador registrations are on hold while we process the high volume of existing applications. We are thrilled to have so much engagement from men who are willing to work toward gender equality. If you have any particularly key influencers you would like to be registered, please send a short bio and email to ambassadors@whiteribbon.org.au

Summary of the Ambassador Registration process
• Registrants are provided with an eLearning link (~2h) 
• Registrants participate in a 30 min telephone interview
• Registrants referees are checked
• Receive a pack with a pin etc to launch as an ambassador

NB: please allow up to 3 months to process. Staff from participating and accredited White Ribbon Workplaces are prioritised.

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