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Organisations play a pivotal part in preventing men's violence against women and are key to ensuring the success of White Ribbon in a way that is sustainable, strategic and effective.

Every organisation we work with acknowledges that men’s violence against women is a serious and prevalent issue in the Australian community. They share our vision that all women live in safety, free from violence and abuse. They see an active role for their organisation in preventing violence against women including working with their own staff, networks and customers; and supporting the primary prevention work of White Ribbon Australia.

White Ribbon Partners share a strong strategic alignment with the mission and values of the White Ribbon Campaign. Partners are an integral part of White Ribbon’s strategy to expand the reach and impact of prevention initiatives and do this by sponsoring activities and/or primary prevention programs.

White Ribbon Supporters progress the Campaign within their own organisation and networks. Supporters commit to awareness raising, community development and fundraising via local fundraising drives, event sponsorship and/or sale of White Ribbon merchandise.

White Ribbon Community based organisations, committees and action groups work with White Ribbon across the country to keep the Campaign alive and growing through grass-roots awareness raising initiatives. Working collaboratively with the community is a key strategy of White Ribbon Australia. 


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White Ribbon appreciates the support of corporate partners whose brand and profile can foreground White Ribbon's primary prevention work along with the support provided by organisations for activities that align with our strategic focus of engaging men in the primary prevention of men’s violence against women. White Ribbon is unable to accept support from organisations that may not align with this strategy and/or are engaged in activities that may be perceived to undermine White Ribbon's mission. These include:

  • Artwork and activities involving the perceived objectification of women or men (calendars, shows, etc.)
  • Initiatives that position women as bearing responsibility for preventing men’s violence against them
  • White Ribbon does not accept funds raised from gambling or the sale of tobacco.

For partnership enquiries, please contact partnerships@whiteribbon.org.au.