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Three steps towards the prevention of violence against women

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The White Ribbon Oath is more than just a statement of support for the White Ribbon cause. When you swear the Oath you make a commitment to lead by example, to be a role model and to intervene safely when needed. This means:

  • being aware of how your behaviour influences others
  • raising awareness in your friends and colleagues using information from our Resources page, and
  • challenging sexist and violent behaviour by speaking up about it, urging the perpetrator to seek professional help or contacting the police on 131 444 or, in an emergency, 000.

Violence against women is everyone's business; the costs to our community are far too great for us to continue turning a blind eye. We need good men like you to make some noise, to issue the “enough is enough” rallying cry. Consider:

  • discussing the issue at every available opportunity, especially in public forums and at public speaking engagements
  • posting a blog or writing an opinion piece on violence against women for your local newspaper, and
  • using social networks like Twitter and Facebook to spread the White Ribbon message.

Use your influence, and social and professional networks, to increase the campaign’s reach and get more people involved. This could include:

  • hosting a White Ribbon event and raising funds by selling white ribbons and wristbands
  • completing fundraising challenges and nominating White Ribbon for corporate charity events, and
  • joining, or nominating a friend to join, White Ribbon’s growing organisation of Ambassadors.