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Teaching safety - Spotlight on Jess Fraser

29 June 2013

White Ribbon Australia would like to thank Jess Fraser who has dedicated much of her time this past year to raising funds and awareness for White Ribbon.

Moved to action by the tragic death of Jill Meagher and her own experience with sexual violence, Jess Fraser decided it was time to make a difference.  

Coming out of teaching retirement, Jess decided to use her Krav Maga expertise, a self-protection style of martial art, as a means of teaching the Victorian community more about personal safety as well as raising awareness and funds for White Ribbon Australia.

Running events for the past year, Jess hosted these classes asking only for a donation to White Ribbon as payment from attendees.

Jess’ classes have touched the lives of students aged from 8 – 68 in classes that are accessible, welcoming, safe and practical.

Jess has also recently dedicated an upcoming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu open mat event to the cause. This event is part of a group Jess established called The Australian Girls in Gi.

Over the past year, Jess has raise almost $1500 for White Ribbon, held events throughout Melbourne and taught self-defence to over 500 people.  

Some of the groups Jess has had the pleasure of teaching include; the Lady Somers Camp and the Victoria Roller Derby team (see below for some pictures).  

On Saturday 29 June, Jess will be hosting the final in a series of monthly workshops that have been held at Absolute MMA & Conditioning in Melbourne's city, kindly donated by the venue making it possible for Jess to offer these workshops for free.  

Here is a link to an article The Age ran on Jess and her story -http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/gym-and-tonic-women-fighting-back-20121207-2az9j.html


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