We are pleased to announce Communicare has finalised a contract of sale to acquire White Ribbon Australia’s intellectual property and remaining assets. Communicare’s decision to acquire White Ribbon Australia further enables our long-standing commitment to eliminating violence against women and children.

White Ribbon Australia begins a new and very exciting chapter. Our focus is to re-engage with the tremendous network of people and organisations committed to reducing gendered violence. We will work alongside communities and stakeholders around the country, highlighting the need for boys and men to be engaged in what is a major national issue.

The White Ribbon movement expressly relies on the commitment of individuals, communities, businesses and schools around the country. Our focus is on being custodians of the movement, not owners of a brand. White Ribbon Australia is an enabler of the movement, the real work happens each day through the commitment of people like you.

We have heard many people feel that White Ribbon Australia had lost its way, some would go so far as to say, it’s no longer relevant. We say, that every individual and organisation who works to eradicate gendered violence in our country has an important role to play. Some work with children, some with women, we work with men and boys. We believe White Ribbon is an important preventative strategy which needs to collaborate and work alongside the range of other crucial work that occurs to eliminate violence against women.

We have an opportunity to build on this platform, whilst enhancing the collaborative approach of the White Ribbon movement. We are committed to working in partnership; in a collaborative and evidence-based way, to continue to reimage, redesign and reinvent what we do to see greater progress in the prevention of gendered violence.

We’re keen to hear from you about your experiences with White Ribbon Australia and what you’d like to see the organisation focus on. We ask that you read our Stakeholder Consultation Paper and to respond to a brief survey to help us better understand your views.

Please click on the links below if you wish to proceed:

Stakeholders Consultation Paper - click here

White Ribbon Australia Survey - click here

We’ll be engaging further over the next few months as we prepare the next White Ribbon Australia Strategic Plan.

Please continue to monitor our progress at and

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the movement and your feedback via the survey. We look forward to working with you as part of the next chapter of the White Ribbon movement.

Yours sincerely,

Melissa Perry
Chief Executive Officer
Communicare and White Ribbon Australia

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