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Rachael Taylor talks about Domestic Violence as a White Ribbon Australia Champion

Australian actress and lead White Ribbon Australia Champion, Rachael Taylor speaks about domestic violence as part of White Ribbon Australia’s awareness raising campaign, ‘Uncover Secrets’. In writing for the Australian Women’s Weekly, on sale tomorrow, Rachael’s story appears alongside those of five inspiring survivors.

Rachael said she hopes her story will raise awareness of the seriousness of men’s violence against women in Australia, where at least one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner, and encourages Australians to break the silence around violence by supporting them to speak out against it.

“I decided as a White Ribbon Champion to write an honest, open and personal account of being a survivor of domestic violence for Australian Women’s Weekly to show that each of us – women and men – can be part of a real, meaningful and truthful conversation about domestic violence,” Rachael said.

“I’m honoured and also humbled to have the opportunity to become a White Ribbon Champion, to share their vision that all women have the right to live in safety, free from violence and abuse. We must focus on the insidious ‘secret’ in our community of domestic violence, and stop it once and for all.

“I passionately believe people really want to talk about domestic violence but I also feel we are not completely sure about how to have these conversations. So in some small way I hope, through my words and actions, to bring a new language and an openness to the discussion about domestic violence, and in doing so no longer allow domestic violence to continue to be a secret in our community.”

The Uncover Secrets Campaign encourages men and women to share their stories to shed light on Australia’s dark secret, the extent of men’s violence against women, which claims at least one woman’s life each week.

White Ribbon Australia CEO Libby Davies, commended Rachael’s commitment to helping uncover Australia’s dark secret, revealing a personal message from Rachael will be published tomorrow on

“One story per week will follow,” Libby said. “Members of the community who wish to share their stories are encouraged to submit a short video via

“We expect the stories will inspire strength in women currently experiencing or recovering from violence, and motivate men to actively get involved in Australia’s national campaign to stop violence against women.

“Living free from violence is everyone’s right and reducing violence is everyone’s responsibility. Violence against women requires men and women working together to put an end to it, for too long this has been seen as a ‘women’s issue’.

 “The victims are not just statistics. They are wives, partners, mothers, daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, friends and colleagues. Most importantly they are people, real people in our lives. Together we can help put a stop to men’s violence against women.”

White Ribbon is Australia’s only national male led campaign to stop men’s violence against women. It engages men and boys to lead social change through primary prevention initiatives across the community and particularly through prevention programs in schools and workplaces.

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