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NSW Recorded Crime Statistics: more action needed to make NSW communities safe for women

White Ribbon Australia note the release by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research of the June 2014 Quarterly Update of Recorded Crime Statistics in NSW.

The update shows that recorded criminal incidents across major crime categories have remained stable or declined over the past two years. However, the same report indicates that over the past five years recorded incidents of domestic violence-related assault, indecent assault, acts of indecency and other sexual offences have been increasing. Fraud is the only other major crime category recording an increase over the past five years.

The stabilising of recorded criminal incidents relating to domestic violence and indecent assault over the past two years indicates many things, including, potentially, a reduction in these crimes. However, we know that most incidents of domestic and sexual violence are not reported to police, so statistics are misleading. Women may not seek assistance from the Police for many reasons, including fear of their partner’s reaction, social isolation and anxiety that their children may be removed.

The 5 year statistics tell a different story, and show that reports of domestic violence-related assault and indecent assault are increasing in NSW. This is a stark reminder of the seriousness of this social issue in NSW and across Australia.

The NSW Government’s commitment to reducing pub and club assaults demonstrates the potential benefits of significant investment in violence prevention and reduction. “The case for additional investment in primary prevention is clear” said White Ribbon Australia CEO Libby Davies, “Violence against women is a serious social issue in NSW and results in high costs at the individual, community and population health levels. Preventing violence against women and making communities safer for women benefits everyone, including the NSW Government”.

White Ribbon Australia was established eleven years ago and is part of a global male-led movement to ends men’s violence against women, which is active in more than 60 countries world-wide. White Ribbon Australia works to change the attitudes and behaviours of men that perpetuate violence through awareness raising and education, including a national campaign and programs in workplaces and schools. “Through ongoing independent evaluation of the impact of our work, we are starting to see the impact of prevention.” said Ms. Davies, “White Ribbon’s work in prevention has been assisted by other organisations across the service continuum from prevention to intervention in support of the objectives of the National Plan for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children. We appreciate the NSW Government’s commitment to delivering the objectives under this plan in NSW and urge them to invest in evidence-based solutions to this social problem as a demonstration of this pledge.”

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