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White Ribbon Australia welcomes Our Watch into the anti-violence sector

White Ribbon Australia welcomed the launch of Our Watch today as a national partner organisation to prevent violence against women.

White Ribbon Australia was established in Australia eleven years ago and is part of a global male-led movement to ends men’s violence against women, which is active in more than 60 countries world-wide.

“White Ribbon Australia has been at the forefront of leading edge new primary prevention action for over ten years and works through a national, evidence based approach to primary prevention initiatives involving awareness raising and education, and programs with youth, schools, workplaces and across the broader community that drive attitudinal and behavioural change. ” Ms Davies said. “As a unique, national male-led organisation we seek to change the attitudes and behaviours of men that perpetuate violence and are the result of complex factors associated with masculinity, relationships, and how women have been viewed and treated.” “This work has been breaking edge and we are beginning to see the impact of prevention.  Continuing this focus and combining our efforts with this new organisation, established by the Victorian and Australian Government, will enhance action to stop violence against women.” she said.

White Ribbon Australia looks forward to working with Our Watch and in the coming months will sign an MOU in relation to working together on the common vision to end violence against woman and their children. “We look forward to ongoing collaboration and collective action on this very crucial issue.”

White Ribbon Ambassador, Dr Phil Lambert, sits on the Our Watch board and is a strong link between the two organisations. “We can look forward to strengthening the work occurring at White Ribbon, in the community and government spheres, and to the enhanced prevention action to combat this insidious violence,” said Ms. Davies.

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