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White Ribbon Ambassadors speak out about National Survey results

As White Ribbon Ambassadors, we believe that all women should live in safety, free from all forms of violence. We also believe that men must act to prevent this violence. This is why we have decided to speak up publicly about the results of the 2013 National Community Attitudes Survey released today.

The National Community Attitudes Survey results show the progress Australia has made in addressing men’s violence. Youth attitudes to violence against women are improving and Australians have a good understanding of the different forms violence against women can take. It is also encouraging to see that the vast majority of Australians would intervene if they saw a woman being assaulted.

Concerning survey results

• Over 40% of people believe that rape results from men not being able to control their need for sex.
• One in five people believes that domestic violence can be excused if people get so angry they lose control.

These worrying results show that Australians still need to be convinced that violence against women is not acceptable or excusable in any situation. Men who use violence choose to use violence, just as we choose to speak out against it.

How violence against women impacts you

If you think this issue does not affect you, you are mistaken. It is about all of us, including our families, our friends, our colleagues and our neighbours:

• Over 12 months, on average, one woman is killed every week as a result of intimate partner violence.
• One in five women has been stalked.
• One in three women in Australia has experienced men’s violence since the age of 15.

These statistics show that violence is far too common an experience for the women in our lives.

What you can do

As White Ribbon Ambassadors we believe that men’s violence against women is never acceptable and call on all Australian men to:

1. Reject sexist attitudes, behaviours and language that create a culture in which men’s violence against women is accepted.

2. Treat women as equals and with respect in all aspects of life.

3. Speak up and step up when they see or hear of men using violence against women.

You can join us now. Start by swearing the White Ribbon Oath never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

Together we can stop men’s violence against women and make Australian communities safer for all women.

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Michael Brandenburg Manager, Child & Family Services Ballarat

Ian Carter AM CEO, Anglicare WA; Director, White Ribbon Australia

Chiu Hing Chan Vice Chairman, Australian Chinese General Chamber of Business; Director, White Ribbon Australia

Petero Civoniceva NRL One Community Ambassador

Mick Doleman Deputy National Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia

Dr Michael Flood Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Wollongong; Chair, White Ribbon Australia Policy and Research Group
George Fomba Employment Consultant / Vice Chairperson, Workskill Australia / African Communities Council of SA Sport and Recreation Committee

Lt Gen Ken Gillespie (RTD)

Mick Gooda Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

Dan Gregory CEO, The Impossible Institute; Director, White Ribbon Australia

John Hinchey ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner, Victim Support ACT

Ken Lay APM Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police

Robert McClelland Partner, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers; Director, White Ribbon Australia

John McRoberts APM Commissioner of Police and CEO of Fire and Emergency Services, Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Dominic Morgan Chief Executive Officer, Ambulance Tasmania

Andrew O’Keefe Television Presenter, Seven Network

John Rosewarne Chair, White Ribbon Australia

Ian Stewart APM Commissioner, Queensland Police Service

Jonny Taylor Singer/Songwriter


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This policy statement represents the organisational position of White Ribbon Australia. It does not represent the individual opinions and views of our stakeholders, including, but not limited to, our Ambassadors, Advocates, Partners and staff members.

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