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White Ribbon Day 2014: Helping to Stop Men’s Violence Against Women

In Australia, an average of one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner [I]. This is a shocking fact, and is only one tragic part of an even bigger story.

The extent of men’s violence against women is one of Australia’s most shameful secrets. But the community is driving change to prevent this violence and calls on everyone to become a part of this movement.

White Ribbon Australia, now in its 11th year, continues to focus attention on men’s violence against women and uncover these secrets.

White Ribbon recognises the positive role men play in preventing violence against women and drives male leadership and engagement in violence prevention. This is based on the understanding that most men are not violent.

“Men are the backbone of the White Ribbon campaign. Men get involved because they are deeply concerned about the rates of violence against women and want to drive social change.” said Libby Davies, CEO

The White Ribbon campaign runs year-long, culminating on White Ribbon Day, 25 November. Throughout the year and particularly in November, White Ribbon events are being held across Australia to raise awareness of and educate about men’s violence against women.   The events raise critical funds for the prevention work White Ribbon does in schools, workplaces and across the community.

Our Australia, land of secrets campaign calls on men, women, workplaces, young people and the whole community to uncover more secrets and help stop men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon invites people to show their support for White Ribbon Day by hosting or attending one of the many White Ribbon events taking place across Australia ( or purchasing White Ribbon wristbands and ribbons later this month at participating retailers, including Suzanne Grae, The Salvation Army (QLD, NSW, ACT), Telstra stores or the White Ribbon shop.

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The media plays a vital role in helping to raise awareness of violence against women. White Ribbon is inviting journalists to uncover the secret of male violence against women in Australia by featuring stories and raising awareness within the community. White Ribbon is also encouraging media to wear a white ribbon on and around White Ribbon Day, November 25. If you, or members of your team, wish to wear a White Ribbon or would like to speak to a White Ribbon Ambassador, or someone with a personal story of violence, then please contact Sally Burleigh at SBPR (details below).



The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest global male-led movement to stop violence against women.  It engages and enables men and boys to lead this social change.  In Australia, White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent violence by changing attitudes and behaviours. The prevention work is driven through social marketing, the Ambassador Program and prevention initiatives with communities, schools, universities, sporting codes and workplaces.

For media interviews contact Sally Burleigh: and 0419 516 889

[i] Chan, A. and Payne, J. (2013). Homicide in Australia: 2008-09 to 2009-10, National Homicide Monitoring Program annual report. Canberra, Australia: Australian Institute of Criminology


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