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A message from the Chair regarding John Elferink

The recent outburst of Attorney-General John Elferink towards Labour MLA Natasha Fyles during Parliament this week and his subsequent comments are inconsistent with the message and focus of the White Ribbon Campaign that all women should live in safety free from all forms of men’s violence.  White Ribbon Australia appreciates the resulting deep concern of our supporters.

As of today, Mr Elferink is no longer a White Ribbon Ambassador.

White Ribbon Australia has taken this matter very seriously and looks forward to working with Mr Elferink to ensure that despite him no longer being a White Ribbon Ambassador he is able to take responsibility and reflect on the language and behaviour that reinforces gender inequality and men’s violence against women.

We also want to reassure our supporters that we are taking every step to ensure our Ambassadors meet White Ribbon Australia and community expectations consistent with their responsibilities as a representatives. Since 2014, all men nominating to become White Ribbon Ambassadors have completed training, are interviewed and are subject to referee checks. Furthermore, we are currently implementing an Ambassador re-commitment process, which is helping us determine the ongoing suitability of those who became White Ribbon Ambassadors prior to 2014.

This matter has been a reminder to us all about the importance of Ambassadors and their role in modelling respectful relationships. Ambassadors are pivotal to the prevention of men’s violence against women, working with the community to make Australia safer for women and their children.

John Rosewarne


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This policy statement represents the organisational position of White Ribbon Australia. It does not represent the individual opinions and views of our stakeholders, including, but not limited to, our Ambassadors, Advocates, Partners and staff members.

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