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Systems Change: Marking the End of Australia’s Broken Family Violence System

White Ribbon Australia congratulates the Victorian Government on embracing the findings and all 227 recommendations released today by the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Report of The Royal Commission into Family Violence highlights the failing processes and broken structures that impede the adequate support for victims and perpetrators. Importantly, it also identifies the direct actions and responses required of government and others to address and invest in the different challenges and changes required to overhaul the existing system.

Chief Executive of White Ribbon, Libby Davies said:

“This Report marks a turning point for all individuals and agencies engaged in ending domestic and family violence in Australia. The Report identifies a broken system and how this can be addressed. A unified, collective plan of action and data sharing across jurisdictions is essential for the welfare of women and their children to be protected.”

The report also emphasises the importance of primary prevention in priority settings, including workplaces and schools.

“Primary prevention, including the work undertaken by White Ribbon Australia and others in the sector, is central to driving the systemic and cultural change identified in the Report. A whole-of-organisation approach is pivotal to primary prevention. This includes respectful relationships education and workplace engagement” Ms. Davies said.

To date, more than 350 schools across Australia have completed White Ribbon’s Breaking the Silence Schools Program. Breaking the Silence, informed by evidence-based best practice and continued evaluation, supports school leadership to embed models of respectful relationships through a whole of school approach.

45 organisations are accredited as White Ribbon Workplaces, with another 120 organisations currently working towards accreditation. This internationally recognised program provides a rigorous and structured framework to address gender inequality and develop primary prevention strategies tailored to each organisation. The Program has reached over 400,000 Australian employees since it began.

Culture and systems change go hand in hand in this nationwide commitment to end gendered violence in Australia. White Ribbon looks forward to working with the Victorian Government to realise a nation without family violence.



White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women and girls, promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

White Ribbon Australia (White Ribbon), as part of this global movement, aims to create an Australian society in which all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. White Ribbon works through a primary prevention approach understanding that men are central to achieving the social change necessary to prevent men’s violence against women. We engage men to stand up, speak out and act to influence the actions of some men and demand change.

White Ribbon is dedicated to ensuring men are active advocates for changing the social norms, attitudes and behaviours that are at the root of men’s abuse of women. Through education, awareness-raising and creative campaigns, preventative programs and partnerships, we are highlighting the positive role men play in preventing men’s violence against women and enabling them to be part of this social change.

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This policy statement represents the organisational position of White Ribbon Australia. It does not represent the individual opinions and views of our stakeholders, including, but not limited to, our Ambassadors, Advocates, Partners and staff members.

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