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White Ribbon Day 2016 asks men to think about the women in their lives

White Ribbon Day is a national day for the prevention of violence against women occurring on
25 November. This year, White Ribbon Australia is asking men to stand up, speak out and act for the women in their lives, as violence against women is a man’s issue too.

One in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse perpetrated by someone known to them, and on average, one woman is killed every week in Australia as a result of domestic violence.

This White Ribbon Day, we ask communities across Australia to stand up, speak out, and act to prevent violence against women.

Who will you take the oath for this White Ribbon Day on 25 November?

Join the 1,000’s of men who have taken the oath for the women in their lives on our brand new White Ribbon Day page at See who is taking the oath for their boss, their neighbour, the lady they sit next to on the bus or their colleague.

In the A Man’s Issue Too Campaign video, White Ribbon Ambassadors identify why they are taking the White Ribbon Oath. This is accessible at

The media also play a vital role in helping to raise awareness of violence against women. White Ribbon invites journalists to play a part by featuring stories that focus attention on this issue.

White Ribbon is also encouraging media to wear a white ribbon on and around White Ribbon Day, November 25. If you, or members of your team, wish to wear a White Ribbon or would like to arrange an interview of someone with a personal story of violence or a White Ribbon Ambassador, then please contact Sally Burleigh at SBPR (details below). We ask that you make contact as soon as possible due to the number of enquiries at this time. A full list of White Ribbon Ambassadors available for interview can be provided.

For media enquiries please contact Sally Burleigh at SBPR:
Ph. 02 9281 1692
M. 0419 516 889

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