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Response to Northern Territory news regarding to Endeavour Group partnership

Please find below our position in relation to White Ribbon and Endeavour Drinks Group partnership which addresses community queries.

The partnership between White Ribbon Australia and the Endeavour Drinks Group was approved by the Board after a process of extensive stakeholder and research consultation. We are conscious that some supporters regard this partnership as controversial. We informed all supporters about this partnership.

Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG) have been supporting the work of White Ribbon since June 2013 to express their commitment to the prevention of violence against women. One of the main drivers for the establishment of this relationship was to “go where the problem is”. With millions of Australians visiting BWS/Dan Murphy’s each year, the partnership provides an opportunity to reach the community and continue to bring violence against women into the open, to talk about it and help prevent it from happening.

Our partnership with EDG is based on ethical engagement, sound research and an informed understanding of the issue of men’s violence against women and its link with alcohol. It is a relationship between a large retail group and White Ribbon Australia as part of the broader strategy to engage the community at large and men in particular, at times and places that extend the reach of the campaign into contexts that are difficult to reach.

Across November, EDG retailers, Dan Murphy’s and BWS invited customers to make a donation at the point of sale. EDG committed to matching dollar for dollar, donations from their customers. Our campaign message is clear and unarguable: Alcohol is not an excuse for violence. There is no excuse. Within the limits of what is possible to convey with the time and means available at such points of sale, we believe that the displayed message in its context provides a focus on the link between alcohol and violence. Alcohol is not the underlying driver of violence against women. Men always have a choice; not all people who drink are violent, and many people who do not drink are violent. The proceeds that were raised by this initiative (including the Endeavour Drinks Group contribution) will be applied fully to programs aimed at young men at risk of alcohol abuse and abuse by violence.

Alcohol increases the likelihood and severity of violence and patterns of alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory make it a significant factor there. It is precisely for those reasons that White Ribbon Australia decided to target point of sale with key messaging that may be effective with men purchasing alcohol. Our message was on display and targeted to men at risk of alcohol-fuelled violence.

White Ribbon Australia is in no way denying a link between alcohol and violence – we are acknowledging the fact and seeking to contact men who may be at risk of causing the one to lead to the other. Nor is WRA supporting or encouraging the consumption of alcohol – we accept that it occurs and seek to use that circumstance to the advantage of our mission.

Research demonstrates that the relationship between alcohol and violence is the result of a complex interaction of a number of variables eg physical effect, individual characteristics, the drinking environment and societal attitudes and values. To address this issue associated with alcohol dependency and fuelled violence requires more than a focus on the activities of alcohol distributors.

To prevent violence against women requires engaging with the public at places where they live, work and play.

Alcohol does not itself drive violence against women. However, the contribution of alcohol to increased perpetration is significant in the context of social norms and practices that condone or support violence against women, in particular those relating to masculinity and masculine peer group behaviour.

White Ribbon is committed to engaging with people across the community to obtain maximum reach on the key messaging on stopping violence against women in places where they live, work and play.

This policy statement represents the organisational position of White Ribbon Australia. It does not represent the individual opinions and views of our stakeholders, including, but not limited to, our Ambassadors, Advocates, Partners and staff members.

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White Ribbon Statement Regarding NSW Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy

White Ribbon Australia welcomes the release of the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy 2017-2021 (the Strategy).

We commend the focus of the NSW Government on primary prevention, particularly the acknowledgement of the importance of intersectionality and the value of whole-of-government approaches to achieving social change.

The associated financial contribution of $20 million through the Domestic and Family Violence Innovation Fund is an important step forward in supporting a traditionally underfunded area of responses to domestic and family violence.

The Strategy is ambitious and achieving change across the priority areas will require significant investment. White Ribbon urges the NSW Government to ensure the funds are allocated to proven organisations, programs and initiatives in order to avoid duplication and maximise effective use of resources. Importantly, this contribution must not be made at the expense of continued and increased funding for tertiary services, which remain critically underfunded.

White Ribbon is committed to working with the NSW Government to realise the goals of The Strategy. We look forward to hearing more about the projects that the Government wants to commit to through The Strategy.

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