Tender for independent evaluation of the Workplace Accreditation Program

White Ribbon Australia invites researchers and research teams to submit a proposal to design and execute a comprehensive evaluation of the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program nation-wide for the period 2014 – 2017.

The White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program is White Ribbon Australia’s world leading violence-prevention initiative focused on providing organisations with the tools and strategies to actively prevent and effectively respond to violence against women. This evaluation will be the second independent evaluation of the program, which was piloted in 2012.

Further details about the tender and the process required to submit a proposal can be found here.

Please find the Tender Applicant information form here.


Do White Ribbon have any hard or soft publishing dates which need to be met?

As outlined in section 5.4 Project Timeframe and Ethics in the tender document, we would ideally like the evaluation and associated documents (including hard publishing) submitted to White Ribbon 12 months from the date ethics approval is received. However, we are happy to negotiate the evolution of the document from soft copy to hard copy closer to the date. Please note that the delivery of the preliminary survey analysis (soft copy) is required within the first three months from the date ethics approval.

Can I confirm if this is an open tender or if you have invited a select number of potential suppliers to submit?  

This is an open tender. It has been publically released on our website. Details can also be found on the:

 When and who undertook the previous program evaluation for the program?

The previous pilot was undertaken by the Benevolent Society in 2014.

Is the copy of the previous program evaluation results/report available and can we access this?

If you would like the whole results / report, please send an email requesting a copy to megan.morris@whiteribbon.org.au and ronan.smyth@whiteribbon.org.au.

What format will the survey data be provided to the evaluation team for analysis?

Data from the survey will be provided in the form of our fully searchable White Ribbon Workplace Culture dashboard.  Raw data, in an excel spreadsheet format, can also be provided.

How many workplaces do you anticipate the team would need to visit? And in which locations?

There are 122 accredited workplaces and 100 participating currently participating. We have not set a specific expectation on the locations and number of workplaces and would appreciate your suggestions. Please note that teleconference calls might be required to communicate with workplaces.

What is meant by “Analysing a sample of evidence” on page 9? 

Researchers will have access to documents, information and monitoring and evaluation related evidence that workplaces submit as part of their accreditation application, such as surveys, policies etc.  This information is used by independent assessors when they undertake accreditation assessment of workplaces.

Can White Ribbon share the total program operation budget for the Workplace Accreditation Program.

While this information in not necessary for developing a proposal we will happily share the budget with the tenderer we engage on the program.

How many program caseload managers are there?

The Workplace Accreditation Team is made up of:

1 x Executive Manager

1 x Program Manager

4 x Workplace Advisors

2 x Program Officers

What is the fee to each individual company for accreditation, and how is this paid? For example, is this paid annually? 

Fees are calculated on a scale, which is based on standardised parameters such as the number of people in the organisation. The full fee is paid in advance of starting the program.  A discount is applied for not-for-profit organisations.

Can White Ribbon please provide more details on the delivery of the ‘training’ process for workplaces? Is this training delivered via case managers to key company contact/s through a ‘train the trainer’ model, through online resources, or delivered through a combination of both methods?

The Standards and Criteria in Appendix 1: Workplace Accreditation Program provides an outline of the steps related to the training process. The training is not delivered by White Ribbon Australia but is instead sourced by the organisation. Contacts also have access to an online library of resources and a forum more broadly.

How many companies have been in the process of accreditation but failed to achieve it?  In relation to this, is there a ‘cut off’ in terms of time to achieve accreditation? 

We aim to accredit all organisations that go through the accreditation process. If and organisation doesn’t meet the accreditation requirements we provide them with further support to meet these requirements. In saying this, some organisations that are initially unsuccessful do decide to drop out of the accreditation process. We will provide further details regarding this f to the successful tenderer.

Does White Ribbon envision the evaluation to include some of the approximate 100 workplaces that are ‘in progress’ of their accreditation, or will the evaluation focus only on those organisations already accredited?

Yes, we think it is important to include participating workplaces in the evaluation.

Does White Ribbon have an estimated number of detailed case studies they would expect to see from this evaluation process? 

We would like tendering organisations to suggest the number of case studies they would be able to undertake in their proposal.

Does White Ribbon have a program marketing plan which gives further detail about the key program audience, key targets, and/or key industries being sought to join, and the reasoning behind this? 

Not specifically. However, we will be happy to share the data we have relating to this with the successful tenderer.

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