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White Ribbon Statement regarding Engadine shooting

White Ribbon Australia’s, Acting CEO, Delia Donovan said we are saddened to learn of the tragic domestic violence incident in Engadine this morning.

“Today we awoke to learn of another family violence incident in the Sydney suburb of Engadine. This incident sadly included the death of a family member, and is now under investigation by NSW Police. The family have been traumatised by this tragedy.

“Australian’s level of family and domestic violence has to stop. We are at a crisis point, and we cannot continue to sit by and watch while families are terrorised by violence. Women and children are being traumatised by violence in their homes every day.

“Family violence is at extraordinary levels across our communities. This is preventable, we can all work together to avoid tragic incidences like todays.

“Today is White Ribbon Day and we must come together as a community, speak out, say enough is enough and act together to end men’s violence against women,” Ms Donovan said.

“We stand side-by-side with our social services sector. Together we have a clear understanding of how to end men’s violence against women.

“We need Government to invest in primary prevention and frontline services. We need to educate children and adults about respect. We need to invest in evidence-based prevention programs in our schools, workplaces and communities in order for this to end. We need to call out all forms of disrespect, abuse and violence against women.

“How many more family members need to die, or suffer these tragedies?”

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