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Statement regarding the NRL and players’ allegations of violence

White Ribbon Australia is concerned about the recent trend of allegations of abuse against multiple NRL players, and believe that the alleged behaviour is unacceptable.

The disconnect between the NRL’s expectations of players, and clubs’ responses to allegations of violence needs addressing. We welcome and support the NRL’s upcoming review of all related polices in early 2019, to ensure that the way they address allegations of violence is improved, consistent, and sends a strong message of zero tolerance.

We will be providing advice to the NRL during this review to ensure that they meet best practice guidelines when fostering a zero tolerance approach to violence against women. We look forward to seeing the action that will be taken as a result of this review, and expect that it will lead to greater consistency and accountability when addressing unhealthy or violent attitudes and behaviours.

White Ribbon Australia has a zero tolerance approach to violence against women and expects all sporting clubs and associations model the change needed in all communities to stop this violence. We believe that a primary prevention approach is needed to stop the violence before it starts.

Violence against women is a serious issue both in sport and in the community at large. It takes the whole of community working to stop this violence before it occurs by challenging the deeply ingrained attitudes, behaviours and power inequalities that result in men’s violence against women.

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