White Ribbon response to political candidates who disrespect women

We are disappointed and appalled by comments made by male political candidates over the past days about women. There is absolutely no room in our society to spread abusive, violent, hateful and disrespectful remarks about women in any circumstance.

One woman a week is killed by a current or former partner[1]; 85 per cent of Australian women have been sexually assaulted[2]; 1 in 6 women have experienced stalking since the age of 15[3].

The abuse and disrespect of women is no laughing matter.

Comments made by candidates prior to them running for political office condone and promote the normalisation of men’s misogynistic attitudes and behaviours toward women. We know that these  contribute to an environment where violence and disrespect in our communities is at crisis point.

Our community leaders, including all those who stand for political office, should be advocates for positive change with zero tolerance towards violence and disrespect against women. They should set the example of how to end violence against women by standing up, speaking out and acting when they see and hear disrespect, verbal, emotional, mental, financial and physical abuse being perpetuated in any setting.

Behaviour like this has no place in Australian leadership, or anywhere else in our society.

We call on our community to not sit in silence, and to safely intervene to end all forms of violence against women.



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