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About Communicare

Communicare affirms the valuable role of White Ribbon Australia to engage men in promoting gender equality and ending violence against women and children.

About Communicare

In May 2020, Communicare acquired the intellectual property and remaining assets of White Ribbon Australia.

Established in 1977, Communicare is a Western Australian for-purpose organisation which has an enduring reputation for providing innovative services and advocates for social and economic inclusion for vulnerable people and communities.

Communicare has significant expertise in designing, delivering and leading high quality services that seek to achieve a positive impact in many areas including family and domestic violence, at-risk young people, early childhood education, financial capability, child protection, employment, education and training, settlement, family support and parenting, and many more. Communicare is comprised of a talented and engaged workforce of over 300 passionate employees and volunteers.  

Communicare's commitment to build and maintain effective and values aligned relationships is demonstrated across it's broad range of partnerships and collaborations with government, the community sector and corporate partners.

White Ribbon Australia is one of four organisational areas that forms part of Communicare’s organisational structure: 

•    Children, Families and Communities
•    Education, Employment and Training
•    White Ribbon Australia
•    People, Culture and Corporate Services

For over 40 years Communicare has been Creating Futures for Western Australia’s most vulnerable people, families and communities. 

To find out more visit www.communicare.org.au