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Emily Petersen


Emily Petersen

Workplace Accreditation Partner

Emily works in White Ribbon’s Workplace Accreditation Team as the Program Support Officer andworks alongside a dedicated and passionate team of Accreditation Partners in helping workplaces around the country make impactful and positive changes to prevent violence against women.

Much like the core values of this Program, Emily believes that in order to address the missing links inreshaping a society that is free from gender inequality and violence, it requires a multifaceted approach and an ongoing commitment from organisations as a whole.

Emily has a unique career history, having dedicated her time working across a variety of sectors and supporting professionals within the legal, disability and medical fields. A turning point for Emily came when she was supporting a team of Lawyers to address the clear lack of equality within the community which in turn demonstrated to her that many women are still not protected against gendered violence.

This experience ignited her passion for educating others on the importance of reflecting on our ownattitudes and behaviours regarding gendered violence and encouraging everyone to activelycontribute to these important conversations with our friends and family. She hopes that by making sustainable adjustments in both our personal and professional lives it can be a powerful catalyst for ongoing change.

Emily looks forward to playing her part in helping to raise awareness for the importance of nurturing a society that is safe and supportive for everyone so that present and future generations can experience an Australia free from abuse.