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White Ribbon Australia Federal Budget Response

White Ribbon Australia Federal Budget Response: where are the domestic violence and abuse prevention programs that engage boys and men?


In response to this week’s Federal Government Budget announcements, we are encouraged by the further investment in initiatives that contribute to women’s safety.

White Ribbon Australia is Australia’s largest social movement mobilising Australian men and boys to intervene in and advocate for women’s safety.

National Director Allan Ball said he was very disappointed that supporting the role of men and boys in ending domestic violence and abuse had not been funded.

He said that while the budget contained many positive announcements, there was an urgent need for increased funding for primary prevention, specifically activities that are proven to engage Australian men in women's safety initiatives.

“It is critical that the government recognises the importance of engaging men and boys in the quest to end men’s violence against women. Men have a significant influence in their communities and can be powerful advocates for change,” Mr Ball said.

“There are three things we urgently need. The first is to prioritise the value of primary prevention and the role Australian boys and men play to intervene in and advocate for women’s safety.

“The second is to transform the men of Australian from passive observers into activists of women’s safety. Thirdly, we must move Australia towards a more comprehensive and positive concept of masculinity.

“As an example, this could be a national education and awareness raising campaign to promote healthy concepts of masculinity that are place-based and co-designed by men and boys, for men and boys.

“We need initiatives that engage men as agents of change to stop family domestic violence and abuse before it starts.

“Failure to fund primary preventive initiatives that engage men and boys in ending violence against women is an opportunity missed – an opportunity for Australian men to be part of the generation that stops violence before it starts.”

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