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Year in Review 2022

2022 Year In Review

As we close on 2022, we wanted to show all of our supporters some of the amazing things you helped us achieve this year.

This year we changed the way we delivered primary prevention to youth by creating education panels. These panels allowed us to speak directly to young Australians, with a focus on young men, to educate them on gender and violence against women. As part of the panels, our audiences were able to ask anonymous questions for us to answer. Highlights include:
  • Delivering 10 Youth Panels across WA, SA, QLD, VIC and TAS
  • Speaking to just under 3,000 young people aged 11-15
  • Receiving questions from young men, including "How do men prevent from making women uncomfortable, what can we do?”


In September we launched the White Ribbon Australia Barber Shop. This is a resource hub for men to be able to find information and practical guides to navigate topics such as healthy relationships, violence prevention, and calling other men in. We also partnered with Barber Shops in multiple states to host pop-up Barber Shop events to help reach and educate more Australian men. Since our launch 4809 people engaged with our Barber Shop. This included:
  • 2450 people engaged through pop-up Barber Shops
  • 2389 unique people visiting our online resource hub


Our Men's Engagement was a strong focus for White Ribbon Australia this year. This year we grew our network to:
  • 126 Community Partners
  • 22 Community Action Groups
  • 498 Stakeholder meetings


Our Workplace Accreditation Team had an enormous year, with:
  • 117 active workplaces in our Workplace Accreditation Program
  • With a reach of 286,000 employees
  • 19 reaccreditations


Advocacy is one of the most important things we can do. Our advocacy calls for systemic change, calling to improve laws, policies and attitudes at a societal level. Our advocacy in 2022 included:
  • 25 million people reached through media
  • 2 State Election Campaigns
  • 1 Federal Government Campaign
  • Coercion and Control Address to QLD Parliament and Brisbane City Council
  • Position Papers on the Coercive Control National Definition, and the National Plan to Stop Violence Against Women and Children 22 -32

Advocacy is going to be one of our main priorities in 2023. Watch this space for more!
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