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White Ribbon Australia operates in collaboration with many other organisations working to eliminate gendered violence through the delivery of primary prevention activities and advocacy.

White Ribbon Australia produces a range of resources.

White Ribbon Australia Reproductive Rights Statement

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We are opposed to all forms of violence, coercion, control and abuse, and recognise that restricting or denying a woman the autonomy to make decisions about her own body is an attempt to maintain power and control over a woman.

White Ribbon Australia Strategic Framework 2020 - 2024

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WRA-StrategicFramework-Cover.jpgOur Strategic Framework 2020 - 2024 details several key themes - including our vision, purpose and four strategic pillars - that shape the future direction of White Ribbon Australia. This framework was developed with input from our Consultation Paper Feedback Survey and Strategic Workshops, which have helped shape our ambitious new aspirations to move from an awareness-raising orgaisation to one
focused on taking real, direct action to
eliminate men's violence against women.

National Summit on Women's Safety Position Paper

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WRA-StrategicFramework-Cover.jpgWe support the advocacy of specialist women’s safety services and the broader domestic, family and sexual violence sector, who work tirelessly every day. We believe these services should receive secure, adequate, long-term funding to support the millions of women and children experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia.