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Our commitment to you

White Ribbon Australia is an organisation committed to the creation of strong, safe and inclusive communities. We recognise the importance of encouraging people from a diverse range of backgrounds to thrive and participate to reach their full potential. We consider providing quality services as an important part of this commitment and we strive to ensure that people understand their rights and responsibilities.

Our responsibility

  • To treat everyone fairly and with care, dignity and respect
  • To promote equity and access across all our services
  • To respect cultural and linguistic diversity
  • To ensure all our staff are welcoming and encouraging
  • Provide timely and relevant information
  • Commit to continuous development and improvement
  • Encourage the meaningful participation of all
  • Promote the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people

Your rights

  • To be treated fairly and with care, consideration, dignity and respect 
  • Have your privacy respected. You have the right to complain or share ideas about our services
  • To ask questions if you don’t understand the process
  • Receive information and be regularly informed 
  • Provide feedback to our services
  • Request an interpreter, or other cultural support. We respect cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Request assistance with reading/understanding
  • Discuss any concerns you have and have them resolved where possible 

How to provide feedback or complaints

At White Ribbon Australia, you can provide a compliment, complaint or suggestion by:
  • telling any member of White Ribbon Australia staff, including volunteers
  • calling on +61 8 6370 0600
  • Via email: feedback@whiteribbon.org.au 
  • Writing to: Feedback Liaison PO Box 730 Cannington, WA 6987
We encourage you to share your feedback and promise to provide a safe and welcoming environment for you to be heard. We are interested in what you have to say and we will ensure that your feedback is dealt with quickly and respectfully.