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State Committees


White Ribbon Australia Committees

White Ribbon Australia’s Committees coordinate the White Ribbon social movement by ensuring that White Ribbon Australia understands what is happening in States and Territories in a timely manner.

With support from White Ribbon Australia, our Committees:

  • use their networks and influence to shape the movement in a way that is relevant to their community
  • advocate for change at the State/Territory and Regional/Local community levels

  • identify opportunities to involve men in White Ribbon Australia 

  • support local services and organisations to be involved

  • develop prevention strategies to address gendered violence through community involvement

  • promote cross-sector action throughout the community, including in workplaces, schools, sporting clubs and associations

They work with White Ribbon Australia’s Community Action Groups and Community Partners to advocate, collaborate and lead primary prevention actions.  

How do I join a White Ribbon Australia Committee?

If you wish to get involved or would like more information on Committees, please email communitypartners@whiteribbon.org.au.