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Start a Community Action Group


Community engagement

A Community Action Group is a group of people coming together to prevent violence against women in their community. Community Action Groups can be geographically based, or built around faith, cultural, sporting, workplace or other communities of interest.

These groups will develop a community-led response to support change in their community, including:

  • Adding capacity to and amplifying the voice of existing activities
  • Identifying gaps in prevention activities or safety services
  • Connecting local stakeholders to develop a whole-of-community response
  • Advocating to address community needs  
  • Hosting events that raise awareness and funding for community responses
  • Engaging men and boys in addressing violence against women

White Ribbon Australia will support and guide the development of Community Action Groups and support people to bring their community together.

How do you become a Community Action Group?

If you do not have a group of people, but are keen to start work, become a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner

If you have a group of people who are ready to get involved, please complete the Expression of Interest form on this page.

What happens when you become a Community Action Group?

  1. You will get a call from the White Ribbon Australia team. 
  2. You will then get an email from White Ribbon Australia with:
    • A link to bring on your organisers as Community Partners
    • Community Action Group resources
    • A link to schedule a planning meeting with White Ribbon Australia and your Community Action Group
  3. We will provide training and information sessions to give you the skills and knowledge to act in the community.