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Become a Community Partner


White Ribbon Australia Community Partners are everyday people who want to prevent men’s violence against women in their communities. 

We believe that self-reflection and knowledge are key to meaningful and sustainable social change. The Community Partners Program offers a range of training, reflection and connection opportunities to build our knowledge and skills to prevent men’s violence against women.

Community Partners will meet virtually with each other and will then connect with their own communities to encourage men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too.  

What will happen when you become a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner?

  1. You will start receiving White Ribbon Australia’s monthly e-newsletter where you will get resources to start the process of thinking and taking action in your community 
  2. You will be invited to the next Community Partners Meet & Greet to find out more about the program and chat to fellow Community Partners
  3. You will be invited to training and information sessions to build your skills and knowledge around addressing men’s violence against women

How do you become a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner?

Anybody can become a Community Partner. When we have the skills, knowledge and commitment to work towards gender equality, we all have the ability to make meaningful grassroots change in our everyday lives to end violence against women. 

Apply using the Community Partner Application form on this page.