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Community Response Fund


We believe that men's violence isn't unique to any community - but that the solutions are.

Our cities, towns and remote areas are made up of diverse groups: different cultures, ages, genders, faiths, languages, experiences and interests. And this diversity means that different communities have different issues, risks and opportunities. 

White Ribbon Australia is working with Community Action Groups and other partners to develop unique Community Response Plans, designed and led by community members, to prevent men’s violence against women in whatever way will be most effective for their particular culture, circumstance and characteristics.

What works best in Armadale, WA may not be best for Armidale, NSW. And a community centered around one of our mosques might have different opportunities from those of a community centered around one of our churches, schools or sports grounds.

The solutions to a community’s problems can be found within that community. That’s why White Ribbon Australia has established the Community Response Fund Grant Program. For this grant program, ‘community’ can be interpreted geographically (e.g. a suburb or a town) or as a community of interest (such as faith, culture, language, sport, club, occupation or other shared-experience communities.)

Who will the Community Response Fund support?

We will provide funding for projects that will prevent violence and abuse against women. The application process is competitive as funding is limited – so we will invest resources in the projects that seem (in our opinion) likely to achieve the most valuable outcomes for the community. 

Projects must be designed and implemented in collaboration with key community stakeholders, victim-survivors and women. As community engagement is both a process and an outcome, we want the conversations with our community members to drive the actions. We encourage you to look at our evaluation guidelines document for how we will determine viable projects. We’ll consider funding any costs that are clearly linked to delivering the project’s outcomes (including small capital items). 

We will fund projects for up to 24 months.

How to contribute to the Community Response Fund

To donate to our community response fund, please complete the donation form.

To fundraise for our community response fund, please click here.

How do I apply for the Community Response Fund?

The first Community Response Fund Grant Round will open in late 2021. To ensure you don’t miss out, please email info@whiteribbon.org.au to submit an expression of interest application.