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Brand resources

The White Ribbon Australia visual style guide outlines the elements of our visual identity and describes the rules for use to ensure that our brand is correctly applied – including our logo, taglines, colour palette to ensure consistently across all branded materials to deliver clear, uniform and compelling communications.

The standards summarised in this style guide apply to all marketing and communications. It is intended that this style guide be used as a reference when designing all layouts for printed materials and electronic communications however, where stipulated, please ensure the specifications listed in this style guide are followed and applied.

Our visual style guide will help to:
  • Present a consistent, cohesive and appealing image to our diverse range of stakeholders across all brand communications.

  • Reinforce the vision and purpose of the White Ribbon movement.

  • Protect our intellectual property.

  • Improve and broaden our brand recognition.

  • Create value-added synergies with partners whose mutual goals include the elimination of gendered violence in our community.