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Fundraising resources

Fundraising is key to White Ribbon being able to continue our primary prevention work across Australia. We always appreciate it when our hosts can incorporate fundraising into their events.

How to add fundraising to your event

  • Offering a percentage of ticket sales as a donation

  • Pledge forms

  • Raffles and auctions

  • Canteen proceeds

The possibilities are endless! Just ensure you stay within the White Ribbon guidelines outlined in our event FAQs on our website.


Who should I reach out to?

When reaching out for support, it’s important to identify your circles of influence – the groups of people you have a connection to. Think about family, friends, co-workers, special interest groups or sports groups you’re a part of.

Then go one step further and look at who your friends, family and contacts may work for, or groups they are a part of. Maybe someone you’re related to works for a local sporting group or organisation that would consider supporting you. You never know until you ask!