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Starting conversations

We need to know how to challenge someone's behaviours or actions.


Men are not always great at asking for help. Sometimes we rather avoid some feelings and prefer to feel like we have got everything under control. Most of us know that this isn’t great for our own wellbeing, but it also has a huge impact, particularly on the women and children in our lives.

If you or someone else is worried about the impact you are having on those around you, there’s help available.

There may be times when you might not be aware or understand the ways that your behaviour effects the people you care about.

The physical signs of violence are often the easiest to recognise. Hitting, slapping, kicking, punching or choking are clear to most. However, there are a range of other behaviours that are also abusive.

There are many types of behaviours physical, verbal, and things like controlling someone’s access to money, who they can see, what they can do, and what they can believe. You might see this as wanting to be considerate or protective, or doing what you think is best, but when you limit a woman’s options like this, it has a significant negative impact on their wellbeing, independence and safety.

If you are concerned that your behaviour might be violent or abusive, White Ribbon Australia encourage you to talk to someone trained in this area. They will be respectful and support you to reflect on your behaviour, your own values, how your actions are affecting others, and what you want in your relationships with others.

What does support look like?

There are a number of services you can call that can provide you with support to address these issues, these include Mensline (call 1300 789 978), Mens Referral Service (call 1300 766 491) and Better Man (call 0415 486 605). 

What next?

These services may encourage you to engage with other organisations who are able to support you further through the process. This could include counselling, case management support or involvement in a men’s behaviour change program.

Whichever path is the right one for you, White Ribbon Australia invite and encourage reflection and honesty in understanding your behaviour and its impact on others. It starts with you reaching out to someone and asking for help.

Read and share our resource, '10 Things Men Can Do To Prevent Violence'.

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