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That Ad Campaign

Help-us-re-write-the-ad-(1).png We need you to act. Preventing violence and abuse towards women can begin by taking the next steps:
  1. Understand the issue. Take a look at our Resource Dashboard.
  2. Download and understand the STOP toolkit.
  3. Buy a White Ribbon and wear it in solidarity and use it as a discussion starter in your community.
  4. Become a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner.
  5. Talk with your Human Resources Department and Executive about becoming White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accredited.
  6. Start a Community Action Group
We are all responsible for changing the attitudes and societal practises that promote violence against women. We must put a stop to a society that tolerates disrespect, sexual harassment, and assault, as well as rigid gender stereotypes and power structures. It is past time for us to unite behind broad-based programmes, reconsider our attitudes towards abuse and violence, and recognise that gender disparity exists and that males continue to benefit from it.