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The Style Guide -
Tips for every man
The Full Shave - Stereotypes about men
The Mohawk - Raising respectful kids 
The Topknot - Calling other men in
The Undercut - The 'Man Box'
The Mullet - Respectful relationships
The Pompadour - Respect and sex
The Man Bun - Stopping Violence 
The Long Beard - STOP Action toolkit
The Long Cut - Technology facilitated abuse

The Style Guide

A fact sheet of practical steps men can take every day to prevent violence against women.

Download the Style Guide
The Full Shave
The Full Shave helps men challenge outdated stereotypes of what "being a man" means by showing them alternative ways of thinking about masculinity.

Download the Full Shave 

The Full Shave Voice Recordings
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The Mohawk
The Mohawk helps dads raise boys who are respectful. It shows men how to take responsibility and model respectful behaviours for their kids.

Download the Mohawk
The Topknot
The Topknot is a resource for men who want to learn how to call other men into the movement to prevent violence against women.

Download the Topknot
The Undercut
The Undercut helps men break out of "the Man Box". It uses the findings of the Man Box study to change how we define "being a man", and offers support to combat the pressure men face by society to act a certain way.

Download the Undercut 
The Mullet

Download the Mullet

The Mullet is a guide for men who want respectful relationships. It talks about the role of communication, consent and respectful behaviour in a healthy relationship.
The Pompadour
From serious long-term relationships to casual hook ups, The Pompadour is a resource for anyone who wants to learn about respectful sexual relationships.

Download the Pompadour
The Man Bun
The Man Bun shows men how to step up and stop violence. It offers advice on how to react to disrespectful comments, and acts of violence, and talks about the difference each man can make in preventing violence against women.

Download the Man Bun
The Long Beard
The Long Beard is our STOP Action Toolkit, which provides examples of unacceptable behaviour and shows everybody how they can See, Talk, Offer support and Prevent violence against women.

Download the Long Beard

The Long Cut is is your go-to guide about technology facilitated abuse.

Do you want to help the Barber Shop resources reach more people? Download and print our poster below to help reach more men with messaging on respectful relationships, consent, and how to stop violence against women.



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