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Children & Young People

These statistics show that many young people are exposed to domestic violence, and experience child abuse, harassment and family violence. This has an impact on their social well-being and mental health.

Young people have an important role to play in breaking cycles of violence. By challenging the sexist attitudes and behaviours of young people, and promoting respectful relationships, we can stop the violence before it starts.


1 in 6 women experienced abuse before the age of fifteen.

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Children of mothers experiencing domestic violence have higher rates of social and emotional problems than other children.

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1 in 4 young people think it’s pretty normal for guys to pressure girls into sex.

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1 in 5 students have been sexually harassed in a university setting.

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1 in 3 women aged 18-24 have experienced sexual harassment.

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1 in 3 young people don’t think controlling someone is a form of violence.

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1 in 4 young people don’t think it’s serious when guys insult or verbally harass girls in the street.

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1 in 3 young people presenting alone to homelessness services have experienced domestic violence.

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