Quick Exit (esc)

Offer Support

Intervening doesn’t mean putting yourself in danger.

Here are some helpful pointers on how you can safely stand up to violence against women when a situation has crossed the line:

Get Help

There’s safety in numbers, ask someone around you to safely intervene with you.

Be Prepared to Listen and Not Have All the Answers

Tell the person you’re there to listenand concerned for them.

Safety Plan

If someone discloses they are experiencing abuse to you, suggest they make a safety plan - this could include having a ‘safe’ word with friends or family, getting a ‘safe’ phone or changing a daily routine and letting their workplace know.

Call the Police on 000

If you things are too difficult call for police assistance.

Standby Those Who Speak Out

If someone you know is calling out a sexist joke, back them up. Complete our free eLearning course to learn more.