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White Ribbon Australia's free eLearning is an essential starting point for those who want to expand their understanding of violence against women, and how to prevent it.

Free eLearning

The Prevention of Violence Against Women for Workplaces course will further develop your understanding of the causes, types and impact of gendered violence. It will also provide some practical information to help you speak up and take action against this type of violence and abuse within your workplace.
For organisations undertaking White Ribbon Australia's Workplace Accreditation, this eLearning course meets Criterion 2.4 for Staff Training.

Please click on the link below to access the free eLearning course 

FREE eLearning

eLearning course feedback and reviews:
- “10 out of 10. This was an excellent online course which I am pleased to have participated in as a part of my continuing professional development.”

- “The course is well presented and provides a depth of knowledge about domestic violence, opportunities to reflect and strategies to handle situations in a more effective way.”
“I loved the course, I thought this was excellent.”

- “I thought it was fantastic. As someone who’s personally been through a DV relationship, it was really great to really understand the depths abuse can go to and this course really shows you strategies and ways to avoid making those same decisions.”

- “Amazing course and one of the best online courses I have done. Lots of relevant info, and practical examples. Very interactive!”

- “A great course with really simple but effective strategies enabling ALL people to be empowered to do something.”

- “The course has given me a stronger understanding and awareness of the issue. I appreciate the guidance on how to approach the issue and I feel more comfortable to talk about it with others to 'normalise' and share knowledge.”

- “I learned a lot, including how to approach conversations with people being abused or who are potential abusers.”

- “It has changed the way that I participate in conversations where I feel better informed about calling out certain comments and behaviours that are problematic and support violence against women.”

- “I think this course is an important resource that will hopefully create societal change for the better.”

- “I highly recommend this eLearning course to my family, friends and co-workers.”