Prevent men’s violence against women


White Ribbon advocates for gender equality and primary prevention. Our advocacy activities include:

  • Position statements
  • Submissions to inquiries
  • Responses to proposed amendments to legislation
  • Membership of councils, roundtables, advisory boards

Position Statements

Reproductive Rights Position Statement



NSW Curriculum Review 2018

Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on the practice of dowry and the incidence of dowry abuse in Australia

Submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee (Tasmania) on firearms law reform

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Charity Fundraising in the 21st Century

Submission to the ASX consultation on Fourth Edition of Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

Modern Slavery Bill 2018

Submission to the New South Wales Law Reform Commission review of consent in relation to sexual assault offences

Endorsement of Women’s Legal Services Australia submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission review of the family law system

South Australia, Submission to the Department of Communities, Government of South Australia’s Youth Safety Strategy A Framework for Action: Preventing and Responding to Relationship, Family and Sexual Violence


Australian Capital Territory, Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Family Violence – Policy approaches and responses

Western Australia, Submission to the Department of Communities, Government of Western Australia Youth Strategy, Better Choices: Youth in WA

Open letter to Minister Kean and Minister Goward on Improving options for victims of domestic violence who are renting – prepared by Women’s Legal Service NSW and signed by White Ribbon Australia and 86 other organisations.

Submission to the parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence – prepared by Women’s Legal Services Australia and endorsed by White Ribbon Australia and 8 other organisations.


Finance and Public Administration References Committee Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Gender Inequality

Productivity Commission Inquiry

Federal Election Call to Parties

South Australia Government Discussion Paper on Domestic Violence

Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee (Queensland) Inquiry into Criminal Law (Domestic Violence) Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2015


Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

Social Development Committee Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence


Finance and Public Administration References Committee Inquiry into Domestic Violence in Australia and supplementary submission

Submission to Inform the Development of the Second Action Plan

QLD Government Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence


Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia

Federal Election Call to Parties

Submission to the National Centre of Excellence to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children Proposals for research areas, research topics and research issues for inclusion in the National Research Agenda.


Comment on the Action Plan Consultation Framework for Addressing Violence Against Women and their Children


NSW Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws Discussion Paper

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Domestic Violence Trends and Issues in NSW


Federal Election Statement

White Ribbon is a member of:

  • NSW Family and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council
  • National Community Attitudes Survey Project Advisory Group
  • National Action Plan Partners: Communication Alliance
  • Sentencing Advisory Council Victoria
  • NSW Forced Marriage Network
  • Multicultural NSW Multicultural Coordinators’ Group
  • Ethnic Communities Council of NSW Steering Committee
  • National Trafficking Response Network
  • NSW Council of Social Services
  • MenEngage Alliance
  • National Respectful Relationships Education Expert Group

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