Prevent men’s violence against women

Engaging men

Engaging men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too

To stop violence against women, Australia needs men to stand up, speak out and act.

White Ribbon Australia engages men to highlight the role they can play alongside women to stop violence against women, based on the understanding that most men are not violent. 

Only some men use violence. Most men share the belief that violence against women is never acceptable.

Men speaking to other men about violence against women is a powerful catalyst for change

Through education, awareness raising, creative campaigns, preventative programs and partnerships, White Ribbon Australia provides the tools for men to stop violence against women in their community and beyond.

Underpinning our work is the positive engagement of men. White Ribbon Australia provides a safe and inclusive platform for men to discuss a complex and sensitive issue.

Our strategies are based on evidence

White Ribbon Australia’s male engagement strategy is evidence based and backed by research and evaluation. It is specifically tailored to provide clear and powerful messaging to men across Australia to inspire change and action.

As a member of the MenEngage Alliance, White Ribbon Australia works toward advancing gender justice, human rights and social justice to create a world where everyone can enjoy healthy, safe and fulfilling lives.

Violence in our community

White Ribbon Australia acknowledges that violence can be perpetrated and experienced by both men and women. White Ribbon focuses on one specific type of violence – that of men’s violence against women. For more information see our page on violence against men and other forms of violence.

White Ribbon Australia operates in collaboration with, and alongside, many other organisations working to end men’s violence against women. Our focus and strength is in mobilising men and communities to end men’s violence against women. By working together with other organisations, including our National Plan Partners ANROWS and Our WATCh, we can move the needle on this important social issue.

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