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Young people

Working with young people to stop violence against women

The engagement of young people in prevention programs is critical to building safe and respectful communities and stopping violence against women.

Young people are a core element of White Ribbon’s primary prevention campaign and are pivotal to driving community understanding and change. We work to engage young people not just as leaders of tomorrow but as leaders of today.

What we do

White Ribbon works with communities across Australia to:

  • conduct research projects to inform prevention activity in the community
  • build upon research and evidence to create tailored tools, resources and initiatives for young people
  • educate young people about violence against women through the White Ribbon Breaking the Silence Schools Program
  • support young people to be young Ambassadors and Friends of White Ribbon
  • support universities and tertiary institutions to run awareness raising activities and educational campaigns, deliver training, and become White Ribbon Workplaces
  • engage in forums and activations with young people across the country
  • develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with other organisations to build community capacity and action.

Why engage young people?

From a young age, young people are exposed to information, messaging and behaviours that can support and condone violence against women. Young people are also already exposed to, and influenced by, domestic violence.

61% of women who had experienced violence had children or young people in their care when the violence occurred.

Ideas are formed during youth

As they grow and mature, young people are forming ideas about men, women and their relationships. Exposure to harmful messaging and gender stereotyping can lead to attitudes that support gender inequality and disrespect towards women.

Starting young can have a lasting impact on young people’s attitudes and later relationships.

Our youth projects

White Ribbon’s youth projects aim to:

  • increase young people’s awareness and understanding of violence against women
  • provide young people with the tools and knowledge to challenge violence against women and gender inequality and build safe, respectful relationships
  • create opportunities for youth participation and consultation so that White Ribbon initiatives are relevant and appropriate for young people
  • engage young people as active bystanders and leaders who stand up and speak out about violence against women
  • work in collaboration with young people to increase community understanding and action.

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