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Advocate Key Contacts


If you would like to get more involved across different areas of White Ribbon, please find key contact details below. We encourage you to directly make contact and copy in so we can support your enquiry.


White Ribbon Schools

The Schools Team manages the Breaking the Silence Schools Program and White Ribbon Schools.

White Ribbon Workplaces

The Workplaces Team manage the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program.

White Ribbon Events

Contact the Events Team if you would like to host a community event or join a fundraising challenge.

White Ribbon Sports

The Sports Team manage relationships with elite, regional and local sport clubs. Contact them if you would like to support a local sports team to become involved with White Ribbon.

White Ribbon Media

If you are hosting an event and need to have your branding approved, please send your collateral to this e-mail address prior to printing.

White Ribbon Sales

If you have any queries about our online shop or if you would like to re-order an Advocate enamel pin, contact this team.

White Ribbon Committees

The Committees Team manage White Ribbon State, Territory and Regional Committees across Australia.

White Ribbon Ambassadors

Contact this team if you have any queries about the Ambassador Program.

White Ribbon Supporters

Contact this team if you have any queries about the White Ribbon Supporter journey.

White Ribbon Complaint Form

If you would like to lodge a complaint about White Ribbon, an Ambassador, Advocate or Committee, please use the form below to lodge your complaint.


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