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Simone's Story

I remember thinking,
"Oh my god, he's
actually stabbing me.
He's going to kill me."

Less than two months after meeting online,
the short-lived relationship almost ended Angela's life.

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This is Angela's Story

He was a smooth talking, good looking finance consultant. She was an attractive, trusting and intelligent, hard working doctor. They swiped right but the relationship ended in horror when he viciously set the scene for a heinous attack.

Angela had done all the right things. She spoke to the police. She took out an AVO. She told her family and friends. She told her neighbor. She even had her mum move in for a while. But he still got her.

He broke into her home, hid in her wardrobe and waited until she’d finished dinner before ambushing her. He stabbed her 11 times and then tipped a can of petrol over her. Somehow, in that moment of indescribable horror, whilst waiting to be lit on fire Angela’s adrenaline kicked in and she managed to find the strength to escape and run for her life.

"I believe I didn’t die that day for a reason. I’m determined to make a difference. What does White Ribbon mean to me? It’s the difference between life and death."

In an inspiring demonstration of her resilience and strength, Angela is campaigning nationally as a White Ribbon Advocate, speaking out for all the women that no longer have a voice.

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With special thanks to our partner, Myer, and the attendees of the Precious Metal Ball


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