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Our response to Northern Territory news regarding to Endeavour Group with White Ribbon Australia

Please find below our position in relation to White Ribbon and Endeavour Drinks Group partnership which addresses your questions.

The partnership between White Ribbon Australia and the Endeavour Drinks Group was approved by the Board after a process of extensive stakeholder and research consultation. We are conscious that some supporters regard this partnership as controversial. We informed all supporters about this partnership.

Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG) have been supporting the work of White Ribbon since June 2013 to express their commitment to the prevention of violence against women. One of the main drivers for the establishment of this relationship was to “go where the problem is”. With millions of Australians visiting BWS/Dan Murphy’s each year, the partnership provides an opportunity to reach the community and continue to bring violence against women into the open, to talk about it and help prevent it from happening.

Our partnership with EDG is based on ethical engagement, sound research and an informed understanding of the issue of men’s violence against women and its link with alcohol. It is a relationship between a large retail group and White Ribbon Australia as part of the broader strategy to engage the community at large and men in particular, at times and places that extend the reach of the campaign into contexts that are difficult to reach.

Across November, EDG retailers, Dan Murphy’s and BWS invited customers to make a donation at the point of sale. EDG committed to matching dollar for dollar, donations from their customers. Our campaign message is clear and unarguable: Alcohol is not an excuse for violence. There is no excuse. Within the limits of what is possible to convey with the time and means available at such points of sale, we believe that the displayed message in its context provides a focus on the link between alcohol and violence. Alcohol is not the underlying driver of violence against women. Men always have a choice; not all people who drink are violent, and many people who do not drink are violent. The proceeds that were raised by this initiative (including the Endeavour Drinks Group contribution) will be applied fully to programs aimed at young men at risk of alcohol abuse and abuse by violence.

Alcohol increases the likelihood and severity of violence and patterns of alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory make it a significant factor there. It is precisely for those reasons that White Ribbon Australia decided to target point of sale with key messaging that may be effective with men purchasing alcohol. Our message was on display and targeted to men at risk of alcohol-fuelled violence.

White Ribbon Australia is in no way denying a link between alcohol and violence – we are acknowledging the fact and seeking to contact men who may be at risk of causing the one to lead to the other. Nor is WRA supporting or encouraging the consumption of alcohol – we accept that it occurs and seek to use that circumstance to the advantage of our mission.

Research demonstrates that the relationship between alcohol and violence is the result of a complex interaction of a number of variables eg physical effect, individual characteristics, the drinking environment and societal attitudes and values. To address this issue associated with alcohol dependency and fuelled violence requires more than a focus on the activities of alcohol distributors.

To prevent violence against women requires engaging with the public at places where they live, work and play.

Alcohol does not itself drive violence against women. However, the contribution of alcohol to increased perpetration is significant in the context of social norms and practices that condone or support violence against women, in particular those relating to masculinity and masculine peer group behaviour.

White Ribbon is committed to engaging with people across the community to obtain maximum reach on the key messaging on stopping violence against women in places where they live, work and play.

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White Ribbon Day a reminder for all Australians




Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash
Minister for Women
Minister for Employment
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service
Senator for Western Australia

The Hon. Christian Porter
Minister for Social Services

25 November 2016

White Ribbon Day a reminder for all Australians

Today marks White Ribbon Day, also known as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women — an opportunity to reflect on how all Australians can work together to prevent and respond to violence against women.

Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, commended the thousands of people who have taken an oath to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women.

“The White Ribbon movement has played an important role in promoting cultural change and encouraging people to challenge unacceptable language and behaviour,” Minister Cash said.

“The Turnbull Government has made women’s safety a national priority, with significant work underway to change behaviours, better support survivors of family violence and hold perpetrators to account.”

Last month the Commonwealth, state and territory governments came together to launch the Third Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 – a national approach to addressing violence against women and children, informed by a growing body of research and data.

The plan outlines 36 practical actions across six national priority areas, including prevention and early intervention, greater support for women and children experiencing violence, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children, responding to children living with violence, holding perpetrators to account, and responding to sexual violence as a key component of women’s safety.

“We been listening carefully to those on the ground, with the majority of this $100 million package allocated to frontline services, Indigenous services, dispute resolution and court-based support services,” Minister Cash said.

Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter, said the package complemented the $100 million Women’s Safety Package announced last September, which has improved training for frontline workers, trialled integrated service delivery and boosted educational resources for young people.

“A key component of this package was an expansion of 1800RESPECT, the national domestic and family violence and sexual assault counselling and support service, to respond to an increase in demand of the service through introduction of a first response triage model,” he said.

“Initial data shows that, since the introduction of the new model, the average call wait time has decreased from over ten minutes to 35 seconds – an example of practical support making a huge difference to women seeking support.

“Everyone needs to play a role in addressing this issue – that’s why we are also working closely with state and territory governments through COAG on a range of initiatives, including the launch of the national campaign ‘Stop it at the Start’ in April this year to change attitudes and behaviours; and progressing the development of a national Domestic Violence Order Scheme.

“Australian women and their children have the right to feel safe at all times, no matter where they are. This White Ribbon Day we urge all Australians to consider how they can change attitudes and behaviour to end violence against women.”

For more information on what the Australian Government is doing to address violence against women, visit

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000. For sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling services call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

Media Contacts
Minister Cash: David De Garis 0427 019 692
Minister Porter: Kevin Donnellan 0408 491 956; Aimee Jones 0413 016 332

Download PDF version here.

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White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation November 2016

Today White Ribbon Australia is proud to launch the fifth cohort of its Workplace Accreditation Program. Fourteen organisations across government, private and community sectors have been accredited today after undertaking a rigorous 18-month process to demonstrate commitment to cultural change in preventing and responding to violence against women in the workplace.

Workplaces receiving accreditation include the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACs), and security firm G4S and Northparkes Mines are the first organisations of their kind to achieve accreditation.

Members of the cohort have taken steps to create safe and respectful workplaces. For example, Link Housing distribute information on domestic violence to tenants, and the Castle Hill RSL allow two days of paid leave per domestic abuse incident.

The launch of this cohort brings the total number of accredited Australian Workplaces to 80, with over half a million Australian adults reached via the program.

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White Ribbon Australia accredits its largest cohort of workplaces working to end men’s violence against women

31st March 2017

White Ribbon Australia accredits its largest cohort of workplaces working to end men’s violence against women

Today, White Ribbon Australia celebrates the accreditation of twenty-seven organisations as White Ribbon Workplaces. This brings the total number of White Ribbon accredited workplaces in Australia to 107. A further 78 workplaces are currently working towards accreditation. So far the White Ribbon Accreditation Program has reached over 600,000 Australians via their workplace.

Over the past eighteen months, these organisations have undertaken rigorous training, having satisfied fifteen assessment criteria under three separate standards. They have demonstrated effective leadership, resource allocation, communication, HR policy development and training to create a safer and more respectful workplace.

White Ribbon Australia celebrates the largest group of accredited workplaces to complete its Workplace Accreditation Program. This cohort features a diverse cross-section of organisations, from local councils to a multinational.

“We congratulate all the workplaces receiving accreditation today on their extraordinary effort and dedication,” said Libby Davies, Chief Executive of White Ribbon Australia.

“These organisations have committed time and resources to review and enhance their HR policies, procedures and the way in which they communicate with staff. They have delivered training to managers and staff on what it means to work in a safe and respectful workplace.

“Workplace Accreditation gives employers across all sectors the means to create and sustain a working environment based on equality and mutual respect. The benefits of standing up and speaking out about men’s violence against women extend beyond the immediate office environment.” concluded Ms Davies.

Accreditation lasts for three years and evidences an ongoing, sustainable commitment to the prevention of violence against women.

FACT SHEET FOLLOWS – List of new accredited organisations + evidence based facts on violence against women and the rationale for workplace participation in addressing violence against women.

*** ENDS ***

Media & Interview requests

White Ribbon Australia CEO, Libby Davies is available for interview. The White Ribbon Australia Workplace Program video is available upon request.

Contact: Irina Kamychnikova on 0426 221 550 OR Jenny Muir on 0415 401 200

 Organisation  Region
Royal Australian Air Force National
Virgin Australia National
Social Futures NSW
Mid North Coast Local Health District NSW
Samaritans Foundation – Diocese of Newcastle NSW
NSW Police NSW
QLD Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services QLD
Tablelands Sexual Assault Service QLD
Renewal SA SA
SA Ambulance Service SA
SA Environment Protection Authority SA
SA Country Health SA Local Health Network SA
People’s Choice Credit Union SA
Australian Refugee Association SA
SA Metropolitan Fire Services SA
SA Southern Adelaide Local Health Network SA
SA Northern Adelaide Local Health Network SA
SA Women’s and Children’s Local Health Network SA
Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania TAS
Benetas (Anglican Aged Care Services Group) VIC
Surf Coast Shire Council VIC
Magistrates’ Court of Victoria VIC
Waverley Industries Limited VIC
Centacare, Catholic Diocese of Ballarat VIC
Benalla Health VIC
The Royal Women’s Hospital VIC
Aboriginal Housing Victoria VIC


  • Virgin Australia joins DP World Australia and Telstra as multinational organisations who have Australian operations already accredited by White Ribbon. Virgin is the first airline in Australia to be accredited as a White Ribbon Workplace.
  • Mid North Coast Local Health District is the first health district in NSW to become accredited
  • NSW Police joins: NT Police; SA Police; TAS Police, Fire and Emergency Services as White Ribbon Workplaces
  • QLD Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services joins: WA Department of Child Protection and Family Support, NSW Department of Family & Community Services and NT Department of Local Government and Community Services

About White Ribbon Australia

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest global male-led movement to stop violence against women.  It engages and enables men and boys to lead this social change.  In Australia, White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent violence by changing the attitudes and behaviours that support gender inequality and men’s violence against women. The prevention work is driven through social marketing, the Ambassador Program and prevention initiatives with communities, schools, universities, sporting codes and workplaces.

About Violence against Women and the Workplace  

  • One in three women experience physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them. [1]
  • One in five women experience harassment within the workplace. [2]
  • 94% of employees agree employers should take a leadership role in educating their workplace about respectful relationships between men and women. [3]
  • In a recent survey, 48% of respondents who had experienced domestic violence disclosed it to a manager or supervisor, and only 10% found their response helpful. [4]
  • Disclosure is often a traumatic experience for victims of violence, but it can also be a stressful time for supervisors receiving the disclosure. Training and support is critical.
  • The Australian Government estimates that domestic violence costs the business and corporate sector about $1.5 billion per annum. The direct cost to employers in terms of staff absenteeism, lost productivity replacement staff costs and misused workplace resources is estimated to cost $465 million per annum. [5]

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2013). Personal Safety, Australia, 2012

[2] Australian Human Rights Commission (2008). Sexual Harassment Guide.

[3] Pennay, D & Powell, A. (2012).  The role of bystander knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in preventing violence against women: A full technical report.  The Social Research Centre. Melbourne.

[4] VicHealth, 2009, National Survey on Community Attitudes to Violence Against Women. Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.

[5] National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children (2009). The cost of violence against women and their children.

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White Ribbon Day 2016 asks men to think about the women in their lives

White Ribbon Day is a national day for the prevention of violence against women occurring on
25 November. This year, White Ribbon Australia is asking men to stand up, speak out and act for the women in their lives, as violence against women is a man’s issue too.

One in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse perpetrated by someone known to them, and on average, one woman is killed every week in Australia as a result of domestic violence.

This White Ribbon Day, we ask communities across Australia to stand up, speak out, and act to prevent violence against women.

Who will you take the oath for this White Ribbon Day on 25 November?

Join the 1,000’s of men who have taken the oath for the women in their lives on our brand new White Ribbon Day page at See who is taking the oath for their boss, their neighbour, the lady they sit next to on the bus or their colleague.

In the A Man’s Issue Too Campaign video, White Ribbon Ambassadors identify why they are taking the White Ribbon Oath. This is accessible at

The media also play a vital role in helping to raise awareness of violence against women. White Ribbon invites journalists to play a part by featuring stories that focus attention on this issue.

White Ribbon is also encouraging media to wear a white ribbon on and around White Ribbon Day, November 25. If you, or members of your team, wish to wear a White Ribbon or would like to arrange an interview of someone with a personal story of violence or a White Ribbon Ambassador, then please contact Sally Burleigh at SBPR (details below). We ask that you make contact as soon as possible due to the number of enquiries at this time. A full list of White Ribbon Ambassadors available for interview can be provided.

For media enquiries please contact Sally Burleigh at SBPR:
Ph. 02 9281 1692
M. 0419 516 889

david-beaumont-insta      dan-gregory-insta      campbell-aitken-insta

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White Ribbon Australia partners with Virgin Australia for the third year to prevent violence against women


Virgin Airlines Boarding Pass

Virgin Airlines Boarding Pass

White Ribbon has joined forces for the third year with leading Australian airline, Virgin Australia to raise awareness during the month of November of the issue of men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon aims to create an Australian society in which all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse.

Virgin Australia has launched a month long activation to help drive awareness of the issue. Throughout November, the back of Virgin Australia boarding passes will encourage travelers to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women. The airline’s in-flight magazine, Voyeur, includes a White Ribbon on the cover and acknowledgement and support of the cause throughout. The airline will be conducting fundraising initiatives throughout their offices and selected airports around Australia.

White Ribbon Australia Chief Executive Officer, Libby Davies, said: “Virgin Australia’s partnership with White Ribbon Australia attests to the shared commitment of our organisations to preventing men’s violence against women.

“Virgin Australia is an innovative Australian airline with international reach and a strong workplace culture of engendering respect and equality. Together, we can promote White Ribbon’s message around the country through their exciting month-long initiative. Corporate partnerships like this are critical to driving violence prevention across the community. Violence against women is a national issue with an average of one woman a week killed by a current or former partner.” Ms Davies said.

White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women and girls, promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. White Ribbon Day is Friday 25 November 2016. For more information please visit;

For media interviews contact Sally Burleigh: and 0419 516 889


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Groundbreaking research into White Ribbon Australia’s Ambassadors

In a global first, White Ribbon Australia has opened its Ambassador program up to researchers, with a team at the University of Wollongong independently evaluating why men become Ambassadors, their violence prevention activities, and the challenges they face in advocating to end violence against women.

Conducted by Kenton Bell and Claire E. Seaman, the project ‘Case Study of White Ribbon Australia’s Ambassador Program: Men as Allies to Prevent Men’s Violence against Women,’ shows the key role men can play in violence prevention, and provides support for White Ribbon’s overhaul of the Ambassador Program.

As part of this overhaul, White Ribbon is nearing completion of its ‘re-committal process’, which requires every Ambassador to reapply for their position, complete additional training on men’s violence against women, undergo further reference checks and submit to interviews with trained White Ribbon staff. Other initiatives include increasing the diversity of Ambassadors and providing year-round training.

The Ambassador program began in 2005 and provides men with a leadership role in engaging men in the prevention of violence against women. White Ribbon Ambassadors are formal representatives of White Ribbon Australia and are required to have the knowledge, skills, attributes and determination to influence Australian men to critically evaluate their attitudes and behaviours toward women.

The data in this national study was collected through an online survey completed by 296 Ambassadors and in-depth interviews with 86 Ambassadors.

Key findings:
1 in 2 men became a White Ribbon Ambassador after hearing stories about men’s violence against women.

“She was a good person and she had a lot to offer the world and she can no longer physically be here, so I feel that it’s just my responsibility to try and do whatever I can to ensure that ray of sunshine doesn’t completely extinguish.”

70% of Ambassadors felt a moral obligation to join a movement to end men’s violence against women.

“I want my daughter to have the same opportunities and level of safety in her life as my sons.”

The vast majority of men (74%) were committed to promoting gender equality prior to becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador, however, 40% report that being an Ambassador has changed how they relate to women. 85% of these men report that they are more conscious of promoting equality and equity in their personal and professional lives since becoming an Ambassador.

“I am no longer intimidated by the feminist movement, and no longer see that movement as a threat to my masculinity or male freedom! I feel I can stand side by side with strong women who have been fighting against gender inequality.”

83% of Ambassadors felt that White Ribbon enabled men to speak to other men about violence against women.

“I believe I am more likely to challenge men about the language they use and what they think is acceptable.”

Men place a high value on the Ambassador title. They want the position to be a rare honour bestowed only on men who continually prove their commitment to White Ribbon.

More information
Visit for a summary of the research report and the full White Ribbon response to the findings and recommendations.

To arrange an interview with White Ribbon Australia CEO Libby Davies, contact Sally Burleigh: or 0419 516 889

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Remote NT school shortlisted for national award with anti-violence video

Ngukurr School, a remote school in South East Arnhem Land, 320 kilometres southeast of Katherine, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the National Indigenous Music Awards for ‘Break the Silence’, a song about speaking out against domestic violence.

A collaboration between Ngukurr School, the Ngukurr Community Safe House for Women, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and White Ribbon Australia, the music video was created to break the silence and spread the word that violence against women is not acceptable.

“We are really excited to share this video. Domestic violence is an issue across the country and we hope the students’ message reaches other young people and their families,” said Ngukurr School senior teacher Olivia Desormeaux.

With the support of the community, the school prioritised teaching high school students the importance of healthy relationships and the dangers of domestic violence. The video gives expression to this work.

“We have a strong relationship with Ngukurr School and have worked with the teachers over a long period of time to educate students around respect for themselves and others. We hear the song being played in the community and you see the kids stop and talk about it. The community is very proud of our kids,” said community elder and remote Aboriginal community worker at the Ngukurr Community Safe House for Women, Cathy Huddleston.

Students drew from their classroom discussions on gender equality and respectful relationships for the powerful lyrics. The song calls out acts of violence, speaks of offering support to each other and emphasises that it takes a community effort to create change.

In the music video, Senior Cultural Advisor Robin Rogers delivers a message on the importance of respect in the local Kriol language, while the stunning backdrop of the Roper River country shows the place in which the conversation on domestic violence needs to start.

On average, one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner in Australia and one in four children is exposed to domestic violence, which is a recognised form of child abuse. Indigenous females in the Northern Territory are almost 22 times more likely to be victims of domestic violence than non-Indigenous females.

“Schools and communities are critical in educating young people and breaking the cycle of violence. This music video is a powerful example of the ways in which they can join us in addressing complex social issues with young people in safe and sensitive ways,” said Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia, the national movement engaging men to work alongside women to ‘make women’s safety a men’s issue too’.

The winners of the National Indigenous Music Awards will be announced on Saturday 6 August 2016.

“We truly believe that starting the conversation through song is the first step in breaking the cycle of domestic violence in the communities,” said co-director of Indigenous Hip Hop Projects, Dion Brownfield.

Ngukurr School, working with local services, continues to support students to learn, value and experience respectful relationships. White Ribbon, working with schools within the Katherine region, is delivering its Breaking the Silence Schools Program to expand this initiative.


For media interviews contact Sally Burleigh: and 0419 516 889

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Productivity Commission Inquiry: White Ribbon Submission

White Ribbon Australia appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services (Inquiry) and commends the Inquiry.

There are benefits to promoting competition in human services, including the violence against women primary prevention sector, provided the market created is fair, rewards best practice and ensures finite resources are deployed to avoid duplication and meet unmet need.

See our full submission regarding how Federal and State Governments can drive effective market practice to stop violence against women.

For media interviews contact Sally Burleigh: and 0419 516 889

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