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Communicare Commits to Securing Future for White Ribbon Australia

On 22 November 2019

Communicare today were delighted to announce the acquisition of White Ribbon Australia’s intellectual property and remaining assets following negotiations with liquidators Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants.

Communicare Chief Executive Officer, Melissa Perry, said Communicare is well placed to provide the strong governance and leadership needed to secure a sustainable future for White Ribbon Australia.

“The White Ribbon movement operates in 60 countries. We couldn’t imagine Australia without a White Ribbon campaign. White Ribbon Australia aligns with our values and reflects our long-standing commitment to eliminating violence against women and children,” said Ms Perry.

“As a White Ribbon accredited organisation and school, we’ve seen first-hand how accreditation provides tools to strengthen a culture of respect, accountability and gender equality at all levels of the organisation,” said Ms Perry.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in providing family and domestic violence services. As an innovative for-purpose organisation, committed to assisting people to participate to their full potential by creating strong, safe and inclusive communities.

White Ribbon Canada Executive Director, Humberto Carolo welcomed Communicare’s commitment to securing the future of White Ribbon Australia.

“It is reassuring that Communicare, whose values and commitment align so well with the White Ribbon movement, will provide substantial experience and strong governance to the important work of White Ribbon Australia. We look forward to collaborating with Communicare, together with local community stakeholders including womens’ organisations, to challenge and support men and boys to realise their potential to be part of the solution in ending all forms of gender-based violence,” said Mr Carolo.

Over many years White Ribbon Australia has built a considerable profile with communities and stakeholders around the country, highlighting the need for men to be engaged in eliminating violence against women and children.

We look forward to engaging with White Ribbon Australia’s staff, clients, partners and supporters in Australia and globally over the coming months as we finalise negotiations under the terms of our heads of agreement.

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Worrells’ Liquidators find a new home for White Ribbon Australia

On 22 November 2019

The Liquidators of White Ribbon Australia are pleased to announce that the net assets of White Ribbon Australia have been acquired by Communicare Inc.

Communicare is a West Australian-based, for-purpose organisation that has provided family and domestic violence services for more than 20 years.

Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants partner Mr Aaron Lucan said: “It’s not often that a liquidator can work toward an outcome of benefit to the wider community as well as to creditors, so on a personal level this is a very pleasing result.

“Shortly after appointment we formed the view that White Ribbon Australia’s brand and commercialisation model were strong enough to self-fund its advocacy efforts, if the organisation formed part of a bigger, complementary enterprise.

“After an intensive five-week tender process involving 62 expressions of interest, we believe we’ve found such a partner in Communicare”.

Founded in 1977, Communicare Inc, operates from 29 locations in Western Australia with the help of 350 staff and volunteers delivering 27 programs.

Chief Executive Officer Melissa Perry said: “Communicare has more than 40 years’ front-lineexperience dealing with the consequences of family and domestic violence. We feel strongly positioned to complete, evolve and strengthen the complementary activities of White Ribbon Australia”.

Media enquiries:

Stuart Barton
BlueChip Communication
0449 533 085

Bruce Campbell-Fraser
Newgate Communications
0419 725 488

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A story of bravery: Leaving violence and taking on Kokoda

Leaving the abuse

I was in a violent marriage for several years; the majority of that was emotional abuse, but also physical. In June 2014, my then-husband had physically threw and locked me out of our house for the third time that year. Having no access to my car, I walked to my closest friend’s house with the clothes he had “packed” for me – by packed, I mean thrown down the front stairs.

Living in fear was suffocating, and the violence was getting worse, because as he had told me, I was becoming more ‘defiant’ so I was getting what I deserved. In what I call my ‘lightbulb moment’, I vividly remember thinking to myself that night, , ‘Ok, this is it. You need to decide if this is how you want to spend the rest of your life.’ I was lucky enough to have a path out and I took it.

When I moved interstate, away from my family and friends it was out of necessity.

Standing up, speaking out

Being far away from everyone, I was mentally at my lowest. One day I googled ‘domestic violence support’ and the first search that came up was White Ribbon. I became a supporter that day. I completed the e-learning courses, and would love the opportunity to become an official White Ribbon advocate next year once registrations open. I ran and competed in challenges, including Run Melbourne, proudly waving the White Ribbon flag.

I found my voice. I realised that if my story can help one other woman, then I know what I went through means something.

Jaimee's Story - Trek for Respect Kokoda | White Ribbon Australia

Joining the Trek for Respect: Kokoda

Kokoda is something I always thought I would love to do but didn’t think it was realistically within my grasp. When the email came through from White Ribbon to join the Trek for Respect, I just knew I had to be a part of that. It was an instinctual moment, so I jumped on it.

You will meet people from all different walks of life who have come together for the same reason. Trek for Respect: Kokoda allowed me to realise that I wasn’t alone, that so many other women (unfortunately) have experienced similar situations to me and that we can be there to support each other. I now have life-long friendships that I greatly cherish from that trek.

For me White Ribbon’s cause is something I will carry for life. Awareness, speaking out and education are a huge part of ending domestic violence and I want to be apart of that change.


Author Jaimee is a White Ribbon supporter who took on the Trek for Respect: Kokoda in 2019. To find out more about the Trek and to see the itinerary for 2020, please visit the Trek for Respect: Kokoda 2020 information page.

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Queensland Domestic and Family Prevention Month 2019

During the month of May, our Queensland White Ribbon Committees and supporters were busy building awareness in their communities, hosting events and supporting primary prevention activities to support the Queensland Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, implemented in response to the ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ report.

Workplaces as communities for change

The Brisbane White Ribbon Committee and Cameron McKenzie (White Ribbon Ambassador, Deputy Chair of the Queensland Law Society Domestic & Family Violence Policy Committee) facilitated a panel discussion including:

  • Rachel Durdin, Chief Advisor – Social and Stakeholder Engagement at Rio Tinto
  • Michael Wassing, Deputy Commissioner at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • Ronan Smyth, Executive Manager – White Ribbon Workplace Program

Supported by ANZ and part of QLD Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month the evening was full of inspiring and challenging discussion and practical ideas for organisations and leaders on how they can reinforce positive social messages of respectful relationships and gender equality.

Panel members spoke about their experiences in creating safe and respectful workplace cultures through the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program and how the lines between work and private life can become less clear in a domestic violence context.

Those who attended walked away inspired to create a positive cultural change and improve gender equality within both their workplaces and communities.

Remote Queensland DFV Prevention Month 2019

Community engagement

The Cairns White Ribbon Committee hosted a community barbecue at Raintrees Shopping Centre in Manunda, an area with one of the highest domestic violence rates in Cairns.

Cairns has also been reminded of the Stand Up, Speak Out campaign with silhouettes and message blocks appearing around the city with Adrian Geary, White Ribbon Ambassador and Cairns Committee Chair and ATSI Reference Group Member putting his neck on the line and engaging with the Cairns community.

Motorists have also been reminded of their responsibility to Stand Up, Speak Out messages displayed on electronic message boards on the highways in Cairns during May.

Reaching the remote

White Ribbon QLD State Committee member Dave Kerrigan made women’s safety a man’s issue in the Blackall, Longreach, and Barcaldine communities during May.

Dave travelled to these central Queensland communities to build awareness with men, women and youth from diverse backgrounds, experiences and professions.

For some of Australia’s rural and remote locations, the work of people like Dave can be critical in providing these communities with opportunities for education about domestic violence and distribute practical tools and information like the White Ribbon STOP kit.  Starting conversations about men’s violence against women is a crucial component of White Ribbon’s primary prevention movement.

QLD DFV Prevention Month 2019 2

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White Ribbon joins NSW Pro-Choice Alliance

White Ribbon Australia is proud to have joined the New South Wales Pro-Choice Alliance to decriminalise abortion in NSW.

NSW is the only state not to have modernised its laws regarding termination of pregnancy. White Ribbon Australia believes that all women should have complete control over their reproductive rights and sexual health.

Women’s physical, mental and social wellbeing can be impacted by the criminalisation of abortion. Criminalising abortion impacts a woman’s ability to freely make decisions about
her healthcare and future, and every single one of us should have the freedom to decide what is right for our bodies and lives.

Read White Ribbon Australia’s full statement about women’s reproductive rights here.

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White Ribbon response to political candidates who disrespect women

We are disappointed and appalled by comments made by male political candidates over the past days about women. There is absolutely no room in our society to spread abusive, violent, hateful and disrespectful remarks about women in any circumstance.

One woman a week is killed by a current or former partner[1]; 85 per cent of Australian women have been sexually assaulted[2]; 1 in 6 women have experienced stalking since the age of 15[3].

The abuse and disrespect of women is no laughing matter.

Comments made by candidates prior to them running for political office condone and promote the normalisation of men’s misogynistic attitudes and behaviours toward women. We know that these  contribute to an environment where violence and disrespect in our communities is at crisis point.

Our community leaders, including all those who stand for political office, should be advocates for positive change with zero tolerance towards violence and disrespect against women. They should set the example of how to end violence against women by standing up, speaking out and acting when they see and hear disrespect, verbal, emotional, mental, financial and physical abuse being perpetuated in any setting.

Behaviour like this has no place in Australian leadership, or anywhere else in our society.

We call on our community to not sit in silence, and to safely intervene to end all forms of violence against women.



[1] Bryant, W. & Bricknall, S. (2017). Homicide in Australia 2012-2014: National Homicide Monitoring Program report. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. Retrieved from:

[2] AHRC (2018). Everyone’s business: 4th national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. Retrieved from:

[3] Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2017). Personal Safety Survey 2016. ABS cat. no. 4906.0. Canberra: ABS. Retrieved from:

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Working with the Institute of Management Leaders across Australia

IML Events 2019 | White Ribbon Australia

White Ribbon Australia teamed up with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ) to deliver events that challenged thoughts and ideas regarding gender equality, violence against women and workplace harassment. Collectively, there were 22 events reaching over 2,900 attendees in 19 locations across Australia.

International Women’s Day Great Debates 2019

For 22 years on International Women’s Day IML ANZ has invited business leaders and personalities to debate a challenging topic around gender equality. This year’s sell-out events across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane debated “Her aspiration needs his cooperation.”

White Ribbon Australia are grateful to have been chosen as this year’s charity partner, with the day raising over $48,000 to support our primary prevention programs throughout Australia. The White Ribbon team and volunteers worked with the IML team to deliver these inspiring events.

White Ribbon Australia’s new CEO Delia Donovan joined the debating team in Brisbane and White Ribbon Australia representatives presented opening speeches discussing why they choose to prevent men’s violence against women. Special thanks to Penelope Twemlow, Sharon Orapeleng, David Galbally, Tori Cooke, Simone O’Brien, Tanya Whitehouse, Simon Earle, and Dale Palmer for presenting and helping the team out on the day.

Take a look at the photo album to see more photos from this year’s International Women’s Day Great Debates.

IML International Women's Day Debate | White Ribbon Australia

Leadership Outlook Series 2019: Creating a Safe & Respectful Workplace

The Leadership Outlook Series is a national series of practical and thought-provoking workshops.  In 2019, the event series focused on creating safe and respectful workplaces, presented by White Ribbon Australia’s Workplace Program Team.   Workshops explored violence and its contributing factors, workplaces strategies to support staff experiencing violence, and to mitigate risk.

Taking the workshop across the country to the 20 cities, White Ribbon Workplace team members Stephanie Callanan, Stacey Nelan and Ronan Smyth delivered practical and educational content to positive feedback, including Operations Manager Sally Roebuck from Queensland who said:

I’m pleased to say that today’s series was just as powerful of a catalyst for change as last year’s Outlook Series! I came away with my mind whirring with ways that we can advocate and support women in our community and team, as well as challenging gender stereotypes and norms to bring about attitudinal change… I already have lots of ideas for change here, which we will be getting started on straight away!

Click on the image below to see the photo album for the events.

IML Outlook Leadership Series 2019 | White Ribbon Australia

Learn more about White Ribbon Accredited Workplaces and how they strengthen gender equality, safety, support, accountability and respectful relationships. To learn more about IML ANZ or to explore the Chartered Manager designation, please visit their website.

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Culturally and Linguistic Diverse Communities in action with the Melbourne Project

CALD Melbourne Project | White Ribbon Australia

In a joint venture between White Ribbon Australia, AMES Australia, DSS, Victorian Government and Vic Health, a ground-breaking pilot course in the prevention of violence against women was launched in 2017.  This Melbourne Project was made up of 65 visionary leaders from more than 30 different Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities from Melbourne. To complete the course, each participant was required to complete workshops and projects.

On the 7th March 2019, a series of participant projects were showcased at Federation Square, overlooking the Yarra River. More than 180 people were in attendance.

The feature project was a stunning spoken word video, developed in partnership with the Poetry Corners, and delivered by Some Kind of Squirrel Productions. Gathered in the photo above are the participants and producers of the video. The video depicted the torment of the people who witness violence, ending on a positive note – ‘I want to be part of the change!’ Watch the powerful video below.

Another visual project was showcased at the event. With support from Victoria University, the Melbourne Project participants created postcards in different languages . The postcard series was translated into 11 different languages. Each postcard had messages encouraging respectful relationships, and prevention thinking including “Stop violence where it starts” and “Men are taking a stand. They treat women as equals, share responsibilities and decision making.”

CALD - Melbourne Project Postcards

The event also featured a live performance from Mitch Tambo, an extraordinary indigenous artist, poet and actor and a dance performance from Sarah Yu, presenting live for the first time her own choreography on family violence developed for the project. The project group Breaking Boundaries produced an amazing video of her dance, which can be viewed below.

The launch event was a success with great energy and the final products from the Melbourne Project groups were all well received. We would like to thank our White Ribbon representatives who attended the event. The next showcase event of projects in late May looks to be promising.

Thank you to Penny Marangos from the White Ribbon Victorian State Committee, White Ribbon Advocates Dr Manjula O’Connor and Simone O’Brien for attending. Thank you also to Simone for speaking – sharing with the audience her story and how White Ribbon Australia fueled her New York Marathon. The launch event and Melbourne Project were supported by our White Ribbon Diversity Portfolio team members, Ingrid Kirchner, Diversity & Inclusion Project Officer, and Sunila Kotwal, Diversity & Inclusion Manager.

CALD_Melbourne Project White Ribbon Team


A historic moment for women’s reproductive health

White Ribbon welcomes Australian Labor’s significant policy announcement about the reproductive and sexual health of Australian women.

White Ribbon CEO Delia Donovan responded to today’s announcement, “This is a historic moment for the advancement of women’s reproductive health in Australia with the first National Sexual & Reproductive Health Strategy being carefully considered and announced by the Australian Labor.”

“A woman’s right to access safe and affordable healthcare for all of their sexual and reproductive health requirements should not be impeded by location, legislation, cost or social attitudes.

“The health system at all levels should be equipped to provide a range of necessary healthcare options for every woman’s needs and choices.

“Decriminalisation of reproductive choices women make in NSW and other jurisdictions who still have legislative or structural resource barriers in place should be the priority of Federal and State and Territory governments.

“We would encourage all political parties in Australia to support this initiative and every woman’s right to seek the health treatment that they choose,” said Ms Donovan.

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