Prevent men’s violence against women

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Our favourite cheesy recipes

From baked wattleseed cheesecakes, to the ultimate grilled cheese, there’s something in our recipe pack for everyone – even vegan diets!


We want to help you make your Cheese for Change event a great success! Download your Host Kit for recipes, jokes, templates, invitations, tips and more.


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What event is complete without a little White Ribbon merchandise? You can purchase White Ribbon balloons, wristbands, stickers, foam hands, and of course, ribbons.

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If you’re holding a public event, raise awareness by putting some posters up around your area – your local cafe, shops, library, school or workplace are good places to start. We’ve got a few different posters you can use – two generic posters, and one with space to write the details of your event.

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Send an invite to let your family and friends know about your Cheese for Change event – the more the merrier.

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In Support logo

If you’re creating your own poster, invite, or other collateral, or want to put our logo on anything, pause! We ask that you please use our In Support logo on anything that you want to use the White Ribbon logo for. Then, send it over to so that we can approve it.

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Take the Oath

An integral part of the White Ribbon campaign is asking people to take the Oath – to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women.

Ask your guests to take the Oath, to help remind them of why they are donating to the cause.

Take the Oath


Get decorative! Make your Cheese for Change event a festive occasion with our free downloadable bunting.

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Email signature banner

Add this banner to your email signature to encourage your networks to support your Cheese for Change fundraising efforts.

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Cheesy jokes

Everyone loves a cheesy joke! Download these cheesy jokes and tell them at your event, or print them out and hand them out.

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