Prevent men’s violence against women

Committee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about our White Ribbon State and Regional Committees with these frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions not answered below, you can email

Why should I join a White Ribbon Committee?

White Ribbon Committees create a focal point where supporters can connect and share resources. White Ribbon Committees coordinate a sustainable whole-of-community approach to preventing men’s violence against women around Australia.

How do White Ribbon Committees differ from other community safety or domestic violence action groups?

White Ribbon Committees are different from community safety and domestic violence action groups because they focus on broad community education and the engagement of men to prevent violence against women. They bring together all sectors of the community, including members who don’t necessarily work in the domestic violence space. They also utilise White Ribbon resources to help mobilise the community using a strengths-based approach for action.

Having said this, White Ribbon Committees do often work closely with domestic violence and community safety action groups in their region. This ensures the Committees are informed by front-line work and compliment it using best practice primary prevention initiatives and projects.

Who can sit on a White Ribbon Committee?

Anyone who has a passion and commitment to preventing men’s violence against women in their community.

Members represent all sectors and walks of life, including domestic violence and community services, police, community associations, media, corporate and local business, schools and education, all levels of government, and sporting organisations. White Ribbon has a commitment to reflecting all types of diversity in our Committee memberships.

As representatives of White Ribbon Australia, Committee members undergo a robust recruitment process to ensure they have an adequate level of accountability, understanding of the issue and commitment to the cause.

We encourage anyone who is interested in joining a White Ribbon Committee to register as a White Ribbon Supporter and complete our E-Learning to learn more about preventing men’s violence against women.

How do I find a White Ribbon Committee in my area?

Use our interactive Committee Map to view our State and Regional White Ribbon Committees.

How do I join a White Ribbon Committee?

You can express interest in joining one of our Committees.

How are White Ribbon Committees coordinated and trained, and what activities are they involved in?

White Ribbon Committees plan yearly activities and initiatives based on the Four Key Focus Areas. They are also guided and informed by the White Ribbon Australia Strategic Framework . Committee members are informed of the most up-to-date sector information and organisational developments, and have regular opportunities to increase their understanding of men’s violence against women via online and face-to-face training.

What if there is no White Ribbon Committee where I live?

White Ribbon regularly reaches out to communities to establish new Committees in key locations. Fill out our form to express your interest in establishing a Committee in your area and we will inform you of any future opportunities.

How else can I get involved with White Ribbon Australia?

1. Register as a White Ribbon Supporter to be updated on our upcoming initiatives, projects and programs.

2. Educate yourself on men’s violence against women by visiting our resources.

3. Advocate for your workplace to become accredited through our Workplace Accreditation Program.

4. Encourage your local school to undertake the >a href=”/stop-violence-against-women/get-school-involved/breaking-silence-program/”>Breaking the Silence Schools Program.

5. Host, support & participate in White Ribbon Events.

6. Challenge yourself by joining a White Ribbon challenge to raise funds for our primary prevention work.

7. Visit our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channel and share our information with your networks.

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