Prevent men’s violence against women

Launceston Committee

The Launceston Committee is a diverse group of Ambassadors, Advocates, Supporters and others from a range of professional and community roles.

Since 2011, the Committee has been organising events to educate the community about the social, financial and health implications of intimate partner violence against women in Launceston. It also promotes other White Ribbon Programs such as Workplace Accreditation Program and Breaking the Silence Schools Program to local businesses and schools.

The Committee is committed to sharing the message that violence against women is not acceptable and that everyone can contribute to prevent men’s violence against women.

Carol Advocate
Emily Freeman Home School Liaison Officer Dept. of Education TAS Supporter
Hannah Worthington Disability Support Live Tasmania Supporter
Heather Advocate
Jen Youth Worker Supporter
Linden Green Area Manager Support Services North Anglicare Tasmania Supporter
Stephen Norris Educational Consultant Ambassador
Susan White Ribbon Project Coordinator Supporter

I stand up for White Ribbon not just because of the widespread physical violence against women but also for the injustice and social waste of gender inequity. From experience I know and understand the stultifying fear of feeling powerless. I also observe the sexualisation and exploitation of females in the media and inequity in business and industry and want better, equal opportunities for my grand-daughter.

Family violence is an issue that effects my work daily. I would like more children to feel safe when they leave school at the end of the day. All too often violence is an issue that gets swept under the carpet and as a result children in our community are exposed to more trauma than they should be. I would like children to learn that violence is never okay.

As a survivor of domestic violence, it is important to me that I stand up against all forms of violence against women. I joined the Launceston White Ribbon Committee to help other women affected by domestic violence and raise awareness about the issue.

All people have a right to be treated respectfully in our community. The misuse of power to control over another person undermines their rights. It is essential that we stand up and speak out against the crime of family violence, to build a respectful, cohesive society that supports all people to live to their full potential.

Standing up against violence against women is important to me because I believe it is crucial for our young people to see that everyone has the right to be safe. I do not want another generation where one woman dies a week due to family violence.

I think it is important to stand up against violence against women because there is still too much violence against women. I want to set an example to my community by being part of the Launceston White Ribbon Committee.

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