Prevent men’s violence against women

Capital Region Committee

The Capital Region Committee has had several iterations over their years of activity but it was in late 2016, following a formalised recruitment process to expand membership, that the current Committee was formed.

This influential group plays an essential role in growing the visibility and coordination of White Ribbon activities at both Territory and grass-roots level. They’ve been active in connecting and supporting White Ribbon Ambassadors and Advocates, formal and informal political advocacy and providing assistance to local White Ribbon event organisers. In addition to this in 2018 the Committee will further promote White Ribbon Programs and develop collaborative relationships with Domestic Violence services and sector peaks.


Bernard Pearce Assistant Director Dept. Of Foreign Affairs & Trade Ambassador
Ernie Walsh Aerospace Engineer Royal Australian Air Force Ambassador
Jayanti Gupta Supporter
Luke McGreevy Policy Officer Dept. Of Foreign Affairs & Trade Ambassador
Mischa Advocate
Ricky Wilson General Manager Bench Marc Group Ambassador
Rod Harrod Base Support Manager - HMAS Royal Australian Navy Ambassador
Ronnie Gorie Automation Specialist DXC Ambassador
Stephen Carter Policy & Planning Manager ACT State Emergency Service Ambassador

As a father of a wonderful young man, I wanted him to see his Dad involved in helping men and boys (in our society, country and world) to be better at respectful relationships with women and girls.

I joined the Capital Region White Ribbon Committee to contribute actively in White Ribbon’s Campaign to end men’s violence against women. By working together, we can make a difference in our community, acting locally to enact change nationally and globally.

I want to join the Capital Region Committee because I am passionate about working for reducing and ultimately preventing domestic and family violence.

Standing up is important because no woman or girl should feel unsafe anywhere. We need to stand up to protect fundamental human rights, and to have a conversation about the toxic concepts of masculinity that fuel violence.

I joined the Capital Region White Ribbon Committee as I have been a victim of domestic violence. I am a firm believer in making good come from bad and am passionate about providing education and awareness around this issue. I believe education is power and it’s the only way we can cut down on this growing epidemic. The only way to do this is by challenge stereotypes and teaching the next generation about respectful relationships and the early warning signs of abuse.

I joined the Capital Region White Ribbon Committee to spread the word and get men in influential business positions in the ACT to join the cause and make long term inroads to stopping violent acts against women.

White Ribbon is about being active in addressing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to men’s violence against women, as well as being about changing our culture and educating men in particular to change the way we treat women in our society.

My favourite memory of being involved with White Ribbon is when I organised perhaps Australia’s second White Ribbon event in Canberra, 2004. With Libby Lloyd and two other women, we organised an event for Members of Parliament and eminent Canberrans. It was a great success, and we formed a Canberra White Ribbon Committee in 2005.

I’m delighted that the committee re-formed in 2017, and that it is thriving.

All women deserve the right to live free from violence. All men should work with women to support this end.

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