Prevent men’s violence against women

Queensland State Committee

Established in 2013, the QLD State Committee has been instrumental in embedding the White Ribbon message in Queensland through strategic relationship building, promoting White Ribbon Programs and initiatives, and developing local prevention initiatives.

The Committee’s ongoing regional engagement has facilitated the establishment of thirteen QLD Regional Committees. With these Regional Committees, it has coordinated a variety of events and initiatives such as the Silhouette Tour in major Queensland regional areas in 2016/17 and community forums with the Chinese and Maori communities in Brisbane.


Adrian Geary Sergeant Queensland Police Ambassador
Andrew Hamlyn Portfolio Specialist IBM Ambassador
Bernie O'Regan State Manager, Braking the Cycle Program PCYC Ambassador
Carmel Marshall Planning & Development Manager Centrecare Central QLD Supporter
David Kerrigan AODS Coordinator Central West Hospital and Health Service Supporter
Dean Gould Corporate Affairs Director Gold Coast Tourism Corporation Ambassador
Greg Nash Senior Lecturer in Communication University of the Sunshine Coast Ambassador
Matt Gregg Local Mission Pastor Metro Church Ambassador
Sharon Orapeleng Acting Principal Policy Officer Queensland Health Advocate
Umesh Chandra CEO Chantex Pty Ltd Ambassador

I believe women are equal to men and should be able to live their lives without fear. I have seen firsthand the destruction of men’s violence against women can have on individuals, children, families and the community. I want to be engaged and be part of the solution to ending violence against women, and challenge other men to also be part of the solution.

In the future I hope to work closely with the QLD White Ribbon State Committee, to hopefully start up a White Ribbon Regional Committee in Moreton Bay.

I believe in the eradicating all violence, especially violence against women, and that men can stand together to bring about this change. I joined the QLD White Ribbon State Committee to work directly with White Ribbon Australia and make a genuine change in the community.

Violence Against Women is a whole of community issue – by not standing up, we imply that it is okay. So, I joined a White Ribbon Committee to catalyse more community awareness and encourage members to take a role in rejecting domestic and family violence.

I believe there should be no violence of any sort against women. Myself and other men can play a huge role in changing culture for the good and have safe communities. In 2017, I joined the Silhouette tour of the Central West and spoke to community members about what is involved with the White Ribbon Campaign.

Good men need to lead. We need to articulate that relationships need not be violent. Women are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence and it is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men. In that context, it is really important that men stand up to pronounce violence against women intolerable. I have three sisters and three sons. It is very easy to think of them in these circumstances.

I joined a White Ribbon Committee because I believe it is the responsibility of all men to ensure the safety of the women in our lives. I see White Ribbon as a great platform for starting conversations about healthy relationships between men and women.

I grew up in a home where I experienced domestic violence first hand, I have also witnessed its destructive force in the lives of my family and now those I work with in a professional capacity. So, I want to make a difference.

During a 2017 White Ribbon Day event after guest speaking, the staff of a multicultural organisation took the White Ribbon Oath in their different languages of origin. This was powerful and demonstrated that regardless of our cultural backgrounds, domestic violence against women impacts all of us and we can stand together to say ‘NO’ to it!

I joined White Ribbon committee to volunteer my time for the worthy cause, to be part of a team of like-minded people making a positive contribution. I strongly believe in standing up for Violence Against Women, far too many women have suffered in silence, we have to take a stand and speak up.

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