Prevent men’s violence against women

South Australia State Committee

The South Australia State Committee strives to create a diverse, coordinated, engaged, well-equipped and supported network of stakeholders that reflects all sections of the community. The Committee has developed a number of innovative local initiatives including the 1,000 Men campaign, which seeks to educate men who are yet to engage with White Ribbon.

Membership includes active stakeholders from a range of sectors, including academia, community associations, police, not-for-profits, the public service, media and sport.

In 2018 the Committee will have particular focus on political advocacy, connecting and supporting Ambassadors and Advocates and engaging traditionally male-dominated workplaces and sectors.


Cintra Amos Advocate
David Upton Dealer Principal Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Ambassador
Gillian Lewis Senior Policy Officer SA Health Advocate
Grant Pearson Regional Manager Relationships Australia Ambassador
Rob Manwaring Senior Lecturer Flinders University Ambassador
Sean O'Brien Managing Director Adelaide Nine Entertainment Company Ambassador
Trevor Richardson Victim Services Manager SA Department for Correctional Services Ambassador

For over 30 years I have been a member of Zonta International, whose mission is to empower women and girls worldwide, and Co-Convenor of the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast Committee since its inception in 2008. I believe in further supporting the work of Ambassadors and raising awareness in our community that men’s violence against women is never acceptable.

Men are important to driving the change needed in today’s society of violence against Women. White Ribbon provides a structured, coordinated approach through raising awareness of this important issue for me.

I am a passionate advocate for prevention of men’s violence against women and children determined to make a difference and spread awareness and education about this insidious social injustice. It starts with disrespect, imbalance of power and equality. As Lt General David Morrison once said, “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept”, and I will not be Silent and I will Take a Stand.

As a manager in community services, I respond to women and children affected by domestic violence on a daily basis as well as seeking to engage perpetrators to address their violence. I support training and awareness of the issue with professionals and those in the general community.

Safety and security is a fundamental human right that all people are entitled to. Male violence against women and children is a systemic denial of these rights. I joined the White Ribbon Campaign to end male violence against women and children.

Violence against women needs to stop and I want to play my part in its demise. I have a son and I need to set the example of what is acceptable behaviour. My wife, daughter and their friends deserve to live in a society that is actually doing something about preventing domestic violence against women.

Through my work in Corrections Victim Services Unit, I have seen the devastation caused by Men’s Violence Against Women. I feel passionate about my work with White Ribbon focusing on primary prevention. The fact that 4 million women in Australia have experienced men’s violence is horrific and that is precisely why aiming to stop it before it starts is so important.

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