Prevent men’s violence against women

Sunshine Coast Committee

Established in 2016, the Sunshine Coast Committee works to stop domestic and family violence and support positive cultural change. The Committee comprises of dedicated men and women from the local community including not-for-profit Community Support Services, the Queensland Police Service, Sunshine Coast Council, and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

With a clear purpose to engage, educate & act, members actively work with local community, agencies, schools, and elite sporting clubs including the Suncorp Super Netball 2017 Premiers Sunshine Coast Lightning. Partnering with community role models, they aim to inspire change within both men and women around respect, equality and acceptance.


Brett Phillips Youth Worker Life Without Barriers Ambassador
Darryl Johnson Superintendent Queensland Police Service Ambassador
Greg Nash Senior Lecturer in Communication University of the Sunshine Coast Ambassador
Lynda Fraser Community Safety Officer Sunshine Coast Council Advocate
Rebecca Grisman Director Campaign Group Supporter
Robyn Advocate
Tyson Kettlewell Student University of Sunshine Coast Ambassador

I am taking a stand against Violence Against women because I want my daughter to live in a society where men and women are equal, where people have respect for each other and are not only accepting of difference, but celebrate it.

Violence of any description is abhorrent. As a police officer, we regularly see the worst in society. It is important that we all play a role in changing the attitudes and behaviours within our community. We all need to ‘Be the Change’. Being a White Ribbon Ambassador and Chair of our Committee allows me to make a difference in changing those behaviours and attitudes.

I joined White Ribbon because I believe it is the responsibility of all men to ensure the safety of the women in our lives. I see White Ribbon as a great platform for starting conversations about healthy relationships between men and women.

My role with the Sunshine Coast Council will enable me to actively promote the White Ribbon message of gender equality and respectful relationships. Using my networks and contacts with the local sector and community, I want to be a part of a valuable organisation to help our local Sunshine Coast Community to stand up, speak out and act to stop domestic and family violence in our communities.

I fully support the work of the Sunshine Coast White Ribbon Committee. I believe that grassroots community awareness and action is vital for preventing violence of any kind in our regional community.

I was in a domestic violence relationship for 12 years and had to seek safety in a Women’s Shelter with my 2 children. Now, I want to share my story to let the community know domestic violence against women is not acceptable.

I wanted to make a difference in my community and sought to work to ensure that primary prevention practices could be better implemented to educate youth.

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